We received a fund-raising letter from the Democratic National Committee this past week, and I read about Republican attacks on such sacred American institutions as the minimum wage, college loans and Social Security, but try as I might, I could find no mention of the recent attacks on working class men and women in this country in the shape of union-busting, or the stripping of collective bargaining rights.

It was almost as though someone at the DNC had one eye on the much-abused base, and another on corporate donations to the Democratic Party.


It didn’t get much better when Nancy Pelosi sent out her “2011 Priority Issue Survey.” The only item in her list of optional top three priorities which the reader could choose from that included working class men and women was:

Raising wages and protecting jobs for American workers.


And how, traditionally, have we done this? Oh, yes, those union things. People standing together, with their friends, neighbors and co-workers to achieve their goals so that they can have a better life for themselves and for their children.

This isn’t forgetfulness, it’s political cynicism.


If there is any good news, it is that there are Democrats who don’t take the votes of the working class for granted, or just assume that they will vote Republican. We see on the local and state level across the country that they are mounting strong challenges in Republican strongholds.

These Democrats have learned the value of going out amongst the people, and not assuming that they will vote a particular way. The votes of working folks should be low-hanging fruit for the Democratic Party; they just need someone passionate and eloquent to go to them and persuade them.

To be a presence in their lives, go to their meetings and get togethers. Well, the Green Party isn’t all that active in that regard either, and I don’t understand why.

But you know who is?


The barbarians at the gates.


Quote of the Day

Scream at God if that’s the only thing that will get results. – Brendan Francis