There is, I suppose, some alternate universe in which being anal retentive is seen as a virtue, but this, thank Crom, is not one of them.

The Coca-Cola sign on the Fayetteville square is one of those “cool” things that folks like to point out to others when they take them downtown. It isn’t just a reminder of a day when the Square had several businesses – Woolworth’s, JC Penney, a shoe store, and a drug store, just to mention a few – bringing folks downtown.

It is quaint, and a little rustic, I suppose. It is a reminder of a simpler past. For me, it reminds me of the occasions when I would drop in and have a burger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter and talk to Storm Freeman, a feminist writer who worked behind the counter.

Storm Freeman flipping burgers at Woolworth’s – how many people knew that?


Surely, a compromise could have been worked out. This country was built on compromise.

It’s little things like that which provide a link to our past, even this silly sign on the old JC Penney building – and how hard would it have been for the Northwest Arkansas Times to have found that out when writing the article?

The sign is cool.

And really, it’s cooler than Wi-Fi on the Square.


You don’t want to clean the fireworks trash front of your house? Here’s a nice citation for you, baby!


I’m not all that big on the official folks who prowl in the night, writing in their little notebooks and leaving messages on your door when they find something that offends their sense of aesthetics. Several years ago we got an letter from the city telling us that my wife’s Camaro needed air in the tires.

I looked at it and thought, what the hell is the matter with you people?

Especially when there was a developer a few blocks away with all sorts of trash actually in the street.

But I thought about that yesterday when I saw a bit on KFSM about folks who let off fireworks and then won’t clean up the street. In fact, though they refused to come on camera, they told the news crew that they didn’t care about how the street looked. And they weren’t going to clean up their mess.

From the news clips, it looked pretty nasty. And it’s not the sort of thing that sanitation workers pick up.

Their neighbors, naturally, were less than happy with the attitudes of the camera shy folks in the house.

These unhappy folks are all voters. I think the City knows what to do. This one, rare, instance, is a clear case of coming to the aid of the people of Fayetteville with the Notebook Squad.

let loose the Dogs of Citation!

And then put them back in the kennel . . .



City Manager form of government in Eureka Spr8ings? Oh, no . . .

I like Jim DeVito a lot (and he has one of the best restaurants in Eureka Springs) but I think he is wrong about about wanting to move Eureka Springs from mayor/council to city administrator form of government.

Those who have watched ES politics over the years realize there have been problems, but loading City Hall with managers is never an especially good idea.

Managers are not answerable to the people, but to the mayor (or city body) who hires them. After a long, protracted struggle, Fayetteville changed its own form of government to mayor/council in 1992.

If anyone in Eureka Springs thinks it has political problems now, wait until the day it may have a city manager, and the vocal folks of the good city realize that suddenly their input is not so welcome at City Hall.


Fayetteville’s Human Dignity Resolution

I have never used my blog for this purpose, so please bear with me. Some time back someone emailed with some questions about Fayetteville’s Human Dignity Resolution, and before I could get back to him, the server swallowed his email.

This time it wasn’t my fault.

If you are reading this, please get in touch. Thanks!


Quote of the Day

There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. – Mark Twain