Republican Congressman Steve Womack, who once groused that some critics didn’t like him because he “bleeds red, white and blue,” has hit upon a new way to save the American taxpayers money – by removing unneeded letters from words on his email messages to constituents.

This is truly “Leading from the Front,” as Comrade Womack is so fond of saying.


The emails always feature a steely eyed, stern-faced Womack, and lists a number of things that the Congressman has been working on for all of us.

The latest featured a list of all recent visitors to Washington from Arkansas, but (and this is truly ironic, considering how many spelling errors I make myself) the word Visitors is spelled:



Oh, joy! I Upon reading this, I wrote the congressman’s office, and asked if this was the accepted way of spelling in the nation’s capital, or if it was a cost-cutting measure on our behalf, by not using all of the letters required.


Well, as luck would have it, I haven’t gotten a response as yet.

Yeah, Drake, you let some whoppers through yourself. And yes, you would be right, Elongated Reader, but I’m writing this for free; I’m assuming that Comrade Womack actually has a paid staffer who handles this sort of thing for him. Not much of an excuse for me, but little to none for him, I think.

I’ll have to pay more attention to these emails of his in the future.

Well, he has been busy, I’ll give him that. Here is a partial list of some of the bills that he has co-sponsored:


H.R.140 : Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 – Well, how do we know that some terrorists aren’t coming to America just to have babies?

H.R.642 : Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2011 – Because the Fairness Act may be the greatest threat to America since Beat Poetry, this Act would make sure the FCC doesn’t make sure that stations really are “fair and balanced.”

20. H.R.822 : National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 – Well, some have mocked this bill at a time when Congress should be working on jobs, but it’s really important that, if you have a permit to carry a gun in one state, that you should be able to carry it anywhere in the country, regardless of their individual laws. This is important because, well, just let the NRA and their puppets explain it to you.

H.R.997 : English Language Unity Act of 2011 – “ . . . to declare English as the official language of the United States, to establish a uniform English language rule for naturalization, and to avoid misconstructions of the English language texts of the laws of the United States, pursuant to Congress’ powers to provide for the general welfare of the United States and to establish a uniform rule of naturalization under article I, section 8, of the Constitution.”

Misconstructions? Like what? Ebonics?

H.R.1159 : To repeal certain provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act relating to the limitation on the Medicare exception to the prohibition on certain physician referrals for hospitals and to transparency reports and reporting of physician ownership or investment interests.- “ . . .Effective as of the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148), sections 6001 and 10601 (relating to limitation on the Medicare exception to the prohibition on certain physician referrals for hospitals) and section 6002 (relating to transparency reports and reporting of physician ownership or investment interests) of such Act are repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such sections are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted.”

It sounds complicated – I had to read the whole thing three times – but I’m not sure I like this one at all.

H.RES.23 : Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Federal Government should not bail out State and local government employee pension plans or other plans that provide post-employment benefits to State and local government retirees.

Ah, well . . .


Putting constituents in their place

Fayetteville writer Kirby Sanders posted this on my Facebook page today.

As a registered constituent voter, I just called Womack’s DC office 202-225-4301 to voice my position that “playing chicken” with the economy was a bad idea and the receptionist that took my call decided to argue with me rather than writing down and forwarding my comment.

About time we had someone in Congress with the sheer raw courage to hire a staff rude enough to argue with constituents – and thus putting them in their place – when they call to express their feelings on issues of the day.

Good man, Comrade Womack!


Just in case you didn’t get Steve’s phone number in all the excitement

I know that Steve would like to hear from everyone, so here is number:


You can also email him at:

Call and email as often as you can.

He has a Facebook page, too, but you can only “Like” him. You can’t send Steve any messages that way.


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