Congressman Steve Womack, perhaps sensitive to the jokes (and very angry comments) that so many have been making across the country about the recess that Congress has embarked upon, is making sure that constituents know that he is hard at work during this period. In his latest email message to voters, The Scowling One writes that to “ . . . describe the past two weeks as ‘busy’ is an understatement. My schedule has been packed whether it’s meetings in Northwest Arkansas, town halls in Fort Smith and Russellville or meet and greets with constituents in Harrison.”

What followed was a list of the interviews he has given, and the “Town Halls” he has presided over, in which he writes that “Constituent involvement was rampant at every event . . .”


Yes, it was rampant.

I realize that Comrade Womack – and the folks who work for him – are probably a lot smarter than I am, but here are the definitions of rampant as provided by


1. violent in action or spirit; raging; furious: a rampant leopard.

2. growing luxuriantly, as weeds.


3. in full sway; prevailing or unchecked: a rampant rumor.

4. (of an animal) standing on the hind legs; ramping.

5. Heraldry . (of a beast used as a charge) represented in profile facing the dexter side, with the body upraised and resting on the left hind leg, the tail and other legs elevated, the right foreleg highest, and the head in profile unless otherwise specified: a lion rampant.


I’m sorry I missed these Town Halls; it sounds like they must have resembled old-fashioned saloon brawls.

At the end of the email he writes, “I always enjoy hearing from folks back at home.”

This is a truly ironic statement, considering how many citizens contacted him during the recent deficit debate, and how he voted contrary to a majority of the caller’s wishes.

Especially as how in this same newsletter he says that, “I represent you. I vote for you.”

Except when you think you are smarter than your constituents, I suppose.


What? They find any pictures of Comrade Womack smiling?

Womack’s staff picks out the photos to put on his site and on the newsletter, and they can’t any that don’t have him looking as though he’s afraid the camera is going to steal his soul?

I mean, I know the GOP is enjoying spectacularly low approval ratings in the polls, but it isn’t entirely his fault. Just a little smile for the folks back home, Steve, how about it?



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