It’s almost impossible to turn on the box lately without hearing Herman Cain lauded by folks for his “plain speaking” manner, much as John McCain was adored for his “Straight Talking” style in the Olden Days.

Occasionally there will be some analysis of what Comrade Cain actually says, but for the most part a mesmerized press is just happy as a lark with the fact that there is a candidate who doesn’t always stick to the script.

The fact that he so often doesn’t make a damn bit of sense never seems to enter into the equation; Herman Cain is is a “plain speaker,” and that is enough for them.

Much the same thing happened in 2008, when GOP candidate John McCain would spout anything that came into his head, and delighted stenographers/reporters would add further fuel to the legend of the “Straight Talker” John McCain.


Remember the Straight Talk Express?

Herman Cain – and John McCain before him – are like your crazy Uncle Charlie at family get togethers, or the guy you can’t get away from at the bus station lobby at eight o’clock at night. After a while, the sheer inanity of what they are saying makes your glaze over.

They are the real life versions of Cliff, the annoying know-at-all from Cheers.

I wish to god someone would say, “You know, that doesn’t make a lick of sense,” the next time Cain begins to entertain himself with some line of nonsense.

But I don’t see it happening, do you?



Herman Cain: The Don Rickles candidate?

On Meet the Press, Cain was asked why so many folks had not taken to his 9-9-9 (the phone number for emergency services in Britain) tax plan.

Simple. Lots of people are stupid.

It might be fun to see Cain get the GOP nomination, just to see him go around the country, insulting the very people he’d like to see vote for him.


That damn cigarette in the Herman Cain ad should offend every working class man and woman in America

If I see one more damn liberal whine about not understanding why the guy in the Herman Cain ad is smoking a cigarette . . .

It was made manifestly clear when an interviewer on Fox was asking if the cigarette was in there to make the point that perhaps it was there to make it clear that the Cain campaign appealed to ordinary Americans, and not the “elites” who live on the East and West coasts (like those who run Fox News?).

If anybody out there is considering voting for Cain because of a cigarette, god help us.


Actually, the working men and women in this country should be offended beyond words that this millionaire and his cronies think that this ad will get their votes.


Quote of the Day

Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched. —Guy de Maupassant, French author (1850-1893)