So I get the latest self-congratulatory email message from The Scowling One, in which he (or a lackey) writes about his work in Congress and the hard work of the Grumpy Old Party to put America back to work again.

Yada yada yada.


As ever, The Scowling One forgets that there are an appreciable number of voters in his district who aren’t Republicans, and may not be seduced into joining the dark Side by his (or his lackey’s) use of cliched arguments.

But the one fascinating development in Comrade Steve Womack’s latest call to arms is the note at the bottom. Where usually he invites us to contact his office with any concerns, we now see:


What issues are important to you? What ideas do you have? Let Congress know! I believe our best days are ahead of us, but where we go from here, will be decided by what we do with now.

Visit let your voice be heard.


Perhaps I have missed this before, by just glossing over his recent messages, but I clicked onto the site yesterday, and was fascinated by the place that TSO was urging us to go to express our opinions.

First, of all, you can sign up to get the latest email updates from Republicans “regarding America Speaking Out and other issues.” Some of the subjects listed on the site are the Blanced Budget Asmendment and the ever-popular “Path to Prosperity.”

Well, you really do get to the point where you get too many emails. I mean, how many times can the Knights Who Say Nee say, “We want a shrubbery!” I passed on this one.

At the bottom of the main page we are informed that:


This site was developed as part of an official effort to increase the dialogue between Americans and their Congress. Here, Americans are provided a new platform to share their priorities and ideas for a national policy agenda. As House Republicans, we are committed to our principles of limited, more accountable government; economic freedom; lower taxes; fiscal responsibility; protecting life, American values, and the Constitution; and providing for strong national security.

This is an open forum, however, where all Americans are welcome to respectfully offer their opinions, regardless of party affiliation and whether we endorse them or not. It is our hope the active engagement of the American people will produce a robust debate that will aid in the construction of a new American
agenda. This website is paid for with official funds of the Office of the Speaker — no political or campaign funds have been used for any portion of the America Speaking Out project.

I spent the better part of an hour yesterday reading the comments from American citizens yesterday, some who chose only to sign their notes with the ver popular “Patriot,” “Dice,” and “ImaPatriot.” The comment section is such a little more polite than the one you find at – one of the nastiest little “political” forums that commentators ever quote from.

Is this yet another political scam, brought to us by a political party which has shown time and again it has no intention of listening to the American people?

This is where the viewpoints of Americans go to and whither on the vine, read only by the folks who post on the site. I very much doubt whether TSO or any of his GOP ilk ever consult the site, or take any of the comments seriously before marching out to vote.

You have an opinion? Call Steve’s office. Email him. Prove to him that you love him enough not to waste tine with this sham.


Does someone know Congressman Womack better than the folks in Northwest Arkansas do?

This is from the website of English comedian Steve Womack:

“Yorkshire born Steve has the ability to turn mundane into the hilarious.”

We also learn that he specializes in the “corporate market.”

Well, that’s something the two have in common, at any rate.


What if that Walmart Associate/Employee!!! Choir had worn what most workers actually wear in stores at the Crystal Bridges opening yesterday?

Oh, those pretty blue shirts on those singers outside Crystal Bridges Museum yesterday.

These are the blue shirts that one sees on every Wally World commercial on TV, and yet – and yet – yeah, you really never see anyone in the stores wearing those shirts, do you?

I’ve asked a couple of employees about the shirts, and they laugh. Some tell me that they don’t even know how to buy the damn things.

Damn things – just being one of the terms they use to describe the apparel.

And really? They call some of the employees at the museum “associates” as well?


Quote of the Day

I do not believe in an afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear. – Woody Allen