Like a lot of other men, my hair and clothing styles over the years have at times changed due to the influence of the women in my life.

How else might I explain the ponytail, shaving my mustache off (once), the perm (oh, dear god!) or the mullet.


We won’t even go into the clothes here. The fact that I once had a mullet should be enough to set you back on your heels.

For about a year or so I have been shaving my head, which I have to admit is my favorite style ever.


Since the 1990s, a number of women had been urging me to shave my head, telling me that I had “a well-shaped head” – which also meant that they didn’t like the hair I did have, I suppose. Well, that’s okay, I never have either.

What I would have given for a head of hair like Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees! But no, Nature chose to give me malformed, dorky hair, the sort of hair that only looked “cool” if I was wearing a hat.


But shave my head? What if this was some sort of elaborate practical joke? Still, hair grows pretty fast, and I do have a lot of hats. Even so, the decision took a lot of time.

I discussed it with my barber, a man so old he may have given soldiers returning from the trenches of World War I haircuts. His attitude was basically, “It’s an awful lot of work, sonny.”

In barber-speak, “an awful lot of work” translates out to “you won’t be coming back to us anymore.”

Tracy, who had long urged me to shave my head said that I was too . . .


Well, she basically said I was a chicken.

“I’ll show her,” I told the dogs, who generally believe everything I tell them.

Still, “I’ll show her” took over a year, while I weighed the idea in my mind.

Finally, after we hadn’t talked about it for a while, I went to the barber and asked him to shave my head, and he gave me a little closer haircut than usual. “That’s as close as I can get it.”

Sure it is, I thought.

So I pop into the shower, grab my razor and finish the job, admiring the look of my head before springing it on my unsuspecting wife, who just didn’t seem all that surprised. “It took you long enough,” was her response. Then she asked me why I had chosen that day to do it, a question I still don’t have an answer for.

Though I enjoy the Lex Luthor look, I’m not a fanatic about it; I only shave my head about four times a month. Still, I do like the way it looks, especially when I see images of myself in the past. Then I just sort of cringe.

I keep asking my director, the inestimable C.F. Roberts, if we can somehow digitally remove my hair from any old shows that we replay, but he just sort of smiles at me and gets back to real life.

I have found myself running my hand through my nonexistent hair in the moments before we begin taping shows; that habit may take a while to break.

The shaving process takes me about half an hour, and I use a blade, not an electric razor, because I like the way it feels on my skin. I also enjoy the whole process of shaving, much more than simple shaving in the past.

I highly recommend the experience for every man, at least once in their life. After all, guys, hair does grow back, and you can buy hats almost everywhere.

A sort of comical moment happened a few months ago when an old friend came on my show. We hadn’t seen each other for several years, and when I asked her how she liked my new hair she said she did, and then asked, “Are you all right?”

Oh, wow. I had never thought about that. I quickly assured her that I was fit as a fiddle.

Shaved head versus dorky hair? Oh, I’m more than all right.


Oh, Northwest Arkansas Times, you have validated my existence

I used to work on a small newspaper on which on most of us had full-time jobs, and so we were like like whirling dervishes every two weeks, struggling to put the paper together in time for the printer. Invariably, spelling errors would occur.

And. of course, I mess up while writing my blog on occasion, creating comical new words.

But when I opened to page three of the Northwest Arkansas Times on Friday, and saw the headline about the city “Srindale,” all my past chagrin turned to shudders of joy. I felt they had, somehow, done this just for me as an early Christmas present.


Well, somebody at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette spent the 1980s awfully angry

Boy, the ADG was pretty pissy about Nick Nolte in their editorial today. You’d think they might have some sympathy for the last man to get killed on the Gunsmoke TV series.

Then again, they actually wrote an editorial about teachers without bashing teachers in general, or unions. So I guess we have to take the good with the bad.


On the Air with Occupy NWA

Mark Prime and Olivia Hines of Occupy NWA will be the guests on my show next week.

They will discuss how they individually became involved with the movement, their personal beliefs, and what it means for them. The conversation will also cover the Occupy movement in a larger sense, and what it means for the United States, and the world.

Recently, Occupy NWA began occupying the sidewalk on the east of the Town Center building on the Fayetteville Square.

Those desiring more information about Occupy NWA can check out their website at:

Show days and times:

Monday – 6am/6pm
Wednesday – 6am/6pm
Friday – 6am/6pm

Fayetteville Public Access Television is shown on Channel 218 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville, and on Channel 99 of AT&T’s U-Verse, which reaches viewers from Bella Vista to Fort Smith.


Quote of the Day

My New Year’s Eve rez is to give up hope. Not persistence and determination, just Obama-style hope – as in, “Leave it to the suits (or in the red state version, God) and everything will be all right.” Abandon hope. Take charge! – Barbara Ehrenreiech