“The people of Iowa have spoken,” intoned one somber news anchor after another yesterday, informing viewers of the Republican caucus held in that state on Tuesday.

Did I miss something? Was a national election somehow held in Iowa this week, months before the rest of the country got a chance? What made them the boss of us?

And given the abysmal record of Iowans predicting presidents through their caucuses, it just seems extraordinarily silly to waste all of this television and newspaper time on that particular state.

As I was looking over the results, though, I found myself wondering how long it would take Mitt Romney to try and compete with Rick Santorum for the votes of the hard-right, the most intolerant of the party?

I am sure the lurching right-ward has already begun.


The Scowling One versus the Athens of the Ozarks

Honestly, if Congressman Steve Womack was just just going to regurgitate GOP cliches and talking points, maybe he should have tried it on a less informed audience.

I’m still betting this is the last one he does in Fayetteville for a long, long time . . .


Apartments for “students”

Okay, maybe it’s reverse snobbery on my part, but it always gets my back up when folks build new apartment buildings with “students” in mind..

Because those who punch a time clock should live in nasty old apartments? Or trailer parks?

Yes, I know we are a typical college town, and I should be used to it by now.

But I’m not, and I hope I never am.


Quote of the Day

I am the enemy of long explanations; they deceive either the maker or the hearer, or both. – Goethe