What? You don’t know? Well, thank god Secure Arkansas is here to warn us about the insidious links between the things we think are good, and the institutions we all know to be evil.

In the latest email offering from SA – “What is Washington County Really Voting For on May 22?” – we are warned about the small things, like a little tax increase (gee, who could object to that? Well, nobody except Patriots, I suppose) and how that money might actually end up being used.


It starts out:

“Government, in the terms of our Founders, is a necessary evil. . . .”


Okay, that was just Thomas Paine. He was pretty cool, but he didn’t speak for the rest of the deified human beings we now refer to as the “Founding Fathers.” But hey, that’s merely a quibble.

In the words of SA:


“Recently, our county quorum court was misled by a special interest which is vying for close to 7.5 million dollars of taxpayers’ money with no governmental supervision to boot! The chair of the Washington County TEA Party recently received a Freedom of Information Act inquiry on Ozark Regional Transport (ORT) and Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) to investigate the call for a new 1/4 cent sales tax to be decided in the May 22 election, during the primary election.”

It then goes on to say that in a February 8 email, Ozark Regional Transit Executive Director Phillip Pumprey wrote to “several” ORT employees and associates, “There is No Danger in ORT losing funding from cities and counties from either FTA or local communities at this time.”

In the last line of the email the director also writes that, “Our funding is definitive thru the end of this year, 2012. It appears as well that funding for 2013 might actually go up for ORT.”

Some routes that are “fixed routes” which were originally thought to be at risk will stay in place, such as the Northwest Arkansas Community College. NWACC. Pays a “matching fee” for its students to ride the buses. Still, this hasn’t stopped SA from spreading old news as if if it were hot off the presses:


“Yet, on what appears to be a flyer asking for attendees to the February 9 meeting of the Washington County Quorum Court, the bottom lines tells people: “WE NEED TO SPEAK UP NOW OR LOSE OUR RIDE!!!” This flyer was sent to NWACC. Amazingly, I am now told that NWACC has a contract with ORT for transportation of their students already as that is part of their tuition. I have also been told that recently that contracted rate has been dropped by ORT substantially. Did those students also get a substantial drop in their tuition costs?”

SA claims that those involved with ORT have used “government time, supplies and equipment to intentionally print falsehoods” are guilty of fraud, and should be investigated by the “DA.”

It may be petty to point this out, but how are you gonna Secure Arkansas – especially Washington County – if you don’t know that we don’t have District Attorneys, but Prosecuting Attorneys.

Naturally, fines and jail time (ah, sweet jail time!) “would most probably occur” should such an investigation take place.

But the real issue, for Secure Arkansas, isn’t whether ORT gave anyone free rides to a Washington County Quorum Court meeting to plead ORT’s case. It comes down to this:

“ . . .They don’t mention offering identical services of many other government agencies and charitable organizations that give free rides to the disabled, VA benefits recipients and people on welfare that, in the past, received vouchers for taxis.”

ORT is interfering with the proper workings of capitalism, and that is one of the reasons they don’t deserve any public help. The fact that taxi service, well, sucks around here shouldn’t even come into the equation.

Vouchers, after all, equal Liberty.

But they told us all of that, just to tell us this, Scampering Reader:

“What is not being talked about is that the funds WILL NOT NECESSARILY GO TO ORT. These taxes may GO ANYWHERE! Where else, pray tell? There’s always the Northwest Arkansas Regional Council. Organized, originally, to get the airport at Highfill, this seems to have morphed into a mini-Regional governmental type of entity. Not really clear what their objectives are or what they do, they recently opened up a little and we see Agenda 21. This U.N. program, illegal for ANY government except the federal government to be involved with according to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (it requires a contract with ICLEI, look it up), in essence has already taken away property rights of land owners in Washington County numbering more than 1300 people! AND THEY STILL ARE REQUIRED TO PAY TAXES ON THAT LAND THAT THEY HAVE NO SAY OVER! It might need to be mentioned that Fayetteville is an ICLEI city.”

Damn that Agenda 21.

I’m there, baby. I want the “Fighting DA” – whoever that might be – to take on the anti-Christical forces of the United Nations and Ozark Regional Transit before it’s too late.

As Northwest Arkansas falls, so falls America.


Comedy tonight: whenever folks on TV talk about “tornado season”

If the last few years have proven anything, it is that Tornado Season begins January 1, and ends December 31.

But then again, people’s skin would have to be literally sizzling off their bodies before a lot of TV weatherfolk would admit there is anything to this climate change stuff.


Quote of the Day

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