The Bobby Petrino Affair.

No. It just sort of sits there in the sentence, all flat and boring, kind of like the entire mundane fiasco. It lacks the eternal strength of something like the Dreyfus affair (which most Americans probably don’t even know about anymore). At least we aren’t getting the prattle from TV and magazine talking heads about “powerful men and sex” this time around.

The Petrino mess has been a godsend to those who despise former president Bill Clinton. The letters section in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has already been filled with the missives from folks who had grabbed their Crayolas and sent in letters protesting the decision of the Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission’s move to change the name of the Little Rock National Airport to “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.”

All the old rage, all the old anger, all the old resentments about a couple who are all-too-human has been pouring out of the holier-than-thous among us who would deny that Bill or Hillary Clinton have accomplished anything at all of value in their lives, and certainly have done nothing at all to make folks in Arkansas proud of them.


It’s sort of like the “Obama has no accomplishments” crowd; you start listing their achievements, but they are in areas their detractors have no familiarity with, and thus no use for.

But now Bobby Petrino comes along and smashes up his reputation.

This is an early Christmas for those who still despise Clinton, and letters have begun appearing, wondering why, if Petrino had to go, why Clinton never had to leave office – after all, didn’t he do the same thing?

I eagerly await the eventual column by one of the ADG’s columnists on the subject.


What do Justin Harris and Blanche Lambert Lincoln have in common?


About once a week I leave a message on Arkansas State Representative (District 81) Justin Harris’s Facebook page:

The offered dates for our AGREED UPON interview have passed. Still ready to do an on-air interview, all you have to do is let us know when you are ready.

I have been leaving it on his Facebook page on a regular basis, where he can ignore it to his heart’s delight, but if you read the page, it turns out he has a tendency to ignore lots of things, especially questions he doesn’t want to answer.

But if you want to engage in political sycophancy, or trade cliches back and forth, he’s there for you, baby.

Anyway, on with the sad tale of yet another pathetic quest to land another fish who got away. A few years ago, Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln’s office had pretty much confirmed that the good senator would appear on my show when she was in the Fayetteville area – too bad I was too dim to realize that they were blowing smoke in my direction.

After I wrote a blog about our dance together – “Desperately Seeking Blanche” – communications got a little better, but the whole thing was still pretty much a scam on their part.

Anyway, last year I communicated with the Republican from West Fork who has been receiving state funds for his little school, Growing God’s Kingdom, and asked him to appear on my little interview show. Harris readily accepted.

We then set up some dates we could work around.


There’s the deal:

He agreed to the interview. I’m not gonna sit here in the wee hours of the morning and bash his religious beliefs, but, when you say you are gonna do an interview, well . . .

So Comrade Harris has the dates, and something always seems to come up.

Finally, I don’t hear from the young fellow and I call him at his school, and speak to a flustered young woman, who explains that Comrade Harris is talking on the phone to lawyers from “out-of-state” and that he’ll get back to me.

I’m still waiting, hoss.

I thought about calling him on his cell phone, but what would be the fun in that? He would just see my name on the damn thing.

You know, I’m emotionally pretty secure; I don’t fall to pieces when people decide they don’t want to be on my show. I just don’t like it when people are too snotty to return phone calls or emails.

Well, I learned a long time ago that it is the guests you do land that are the important thing. Nobody ever sees the interviews you don’t do.


April 28: (NWA) Unite Against the War on Women March and Rally

Even though FOX News and their political thugs would try to convince you that there is no “War on Women” – while taking the side of humanity in the Wars on Christmas, Easter, Halloween and ladies Night. You and I know differently.

On April 28, (NWA) Unite Against the War on Women is holding a March and Rally in Fayetteville, from 11am to 1pm. It will begin in front of the Walton Arts Center, move up Block Street and up to the Square. For more information:!/events/119793044814696/

The following is a YouTube link to an interview with Kelly Hampton Eubanks, one of the organizers of the day’s events.

Quote of the Day

A book should serve as the ax for the frozen sea within us. – Franz Kafka