Well, between Jim House and Ken Aden, the Democratic Party (at least in Northwest Arkansas) has been dealt a severe body blow from which it may take a long time to recover. In the case of Aden, it seems they may have been sold a bill of goods by a candidate from an alternate universe.

I’d like to believe otherwise, but Aden’s continued silence pretty much confirms in most people’s minds the very worst, that he wasn’t honest either about his education or his military record.


Tim Huett of Stolen Valor has written that Aden, by dint of his silence thus far, is a “ . . . miserable sub-human that has no shred of honesty or dignity and you are NOT a brother to anyone in the Veteran Community.”

Yeah, he may have lied about how far his military career advanced.


He did not, however, lie about being in combat.

I have never been in that particular hell myself, and you know what? Neither has his opponent in this race, Steve Womack, The Scowling One, though he writes to us weekly, “From the Front.”


The “Front” being the Somme of Washington D.C.

Given the circumstances our country faces, I would have been perfectly happy to vote for a man who cares about the issues I care about, even though he may not have an Ivy League education, or much of a college education at all. I just want people in office who value education, and want to make it easier for people to go to college, something which might have put Aden at odds with The Scowling One.

Thanks to Aden’s screw-ups, we may never know now, will we?

Education aside – and we’ve all seen these resume padders – I have been thinking over the past few days that Aden has fallen prey to the Special Forces fetish which grips many in this country, a fetish which exalts that branch above all others.


Well, maybe I’m lucky to have seen The Green Berets when I was sober, and realized it for the emotion-pulling drek it is. Also, maybe the fact that, even though I never served a day in the military, my father served in the United States Air Force for over 20 years, I just don’t share the fetish held by so many that Special Forces are the “real” soldiers.

Cue the hate mail.

The only one who truly benefits from any of this is The Scowling One. The voters of Northwest Arkansas certainly don’t. Of course, we haven’t ever since TSO was elected to Congress in the first place.

Ken Aden isn’t inspiring confidence in anyone by staying above the fray, and pulling the old, “This is the last comment I’ll make,” crap.

If Ken Aden has any defense at all, he needs to make it, loudly. If he needs to apologize, then do so. If he needs to grovel, then grovel. Then get back to the combat of the election.

Then again, if ultimately you have no defense, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Yeah, those Hollywood rascals again . . .

When Obama has friends in the entertainment world they are his “Hollywood” friends, but when entertainers appear on Fox News they are patriots?



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