If the television craze continues with the present level of programs, we are destined to have a nation of morons. – Daniel Marsh, President of Boston University, 1950

Exploring Craig’s List once more (for a writing job; get your mind out of the gutter) I found this intriguing offer:

Confront Your Mother’s Lover. . .

s your loved one married to a foreign national who has a green card? Do you want to confront them?

Do you know of a family member involved in a green card marriage and do you want to confront them?

Is your loved one’s husband ONLY MARRIED to obtain citizenship?

Honestly, who wouldn’t leap at a chance like that? Cousin Sally married to some guy just so he could become an American citizen? Well, here’s your chance to pay her back for bringing dishonor to the family.

And really, you never had much use for Sally anyway, did you?

I especially like the fact that confronting Mom’s lover is the first item on the block.

Yeah, Mom.

Here’s a chance for us all to show you how much we really love you, by ganging up on you on a cable reality TV show. Maybe you should have bought us those Adidas when we asked for them in high school, huh?

I suppose we could confront Dad’s lover, but I have a feeling that that the producers are looking for lots and lots of tears here, and figure that a betrayed mother might well produce them.

It doesn’t offer any details, so one can only guess at just how the “confrontation” may take place. A surprise birthday party, perhaps? Private security at the door, so Mom, or sis, or bro can’t leave the premises?

A surprise guest appearance by Sheriff Joe “I’m the toughest sheriff in America because I told you am” Arpaio or Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas?

Chances are, they won’t be prosecuted, news which will no doubt come as a terrible blow to those family members working to bring this television confrontation about.

I’m sort stuck on the words “loved one,” though.

I can see where family members might be concerned about the situation, but going so far as to drag television cameras into the room while you berate and humiliate the people you profess to love, or even pretend to care about in the slightest?

This has more to do with your feelings about immigration – with perhaps even a smidgen or two of good old old fashioned bigotry thrown in for good measure – than it does with caring about the people whose lives are about to be destroyed, when they are “confronted” by “caring” family members.

It’s a show for people whose of rage has overcome their sense of compassion or decency.


Quote of the Day

Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match. – Harry Zohn, “Karl Kraus”