I have been sort of tuning out the email offerings of Congressman Steve Womack lately; others might see The Scowling One’s efforts as as yet another excuse for “outrage” – something which should be parsed out sparingly – but all I see is just another Good Soldier of the GOP, a man who does what he is told, when he is told.

I don’t intend to waste too much valuable time thinking or writing about him.


And yet . . .

And yet, there are times when the man who pretends to “lead from the front” merits some attention – like this weekend, looking over the latest “survey” he has sent out to voters, seeking their counsel. Here is his survey, for any who haven’t actually seen it yet:


“Of all the challenges facing America, it is most important for the President – and Congress – focus on:

“Creating jobs and building a healthy economy


“Reducing spending and the size of government

“Cutting bureaucratic red tape and decreasing the burden of regulations

“Dealing with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

“Reforming our broken immigration system and addressing the crisis on our southern border


“Increasing domestic energy exploration and development

“Holding the government and the Obama administration accountable for recent scandals, including the VA, Benghazi, and the IRS

“Protecting Americans at home and abroad

“Fighting climate change


Respondents could choose what they cared about, but if you picked “Other” it is pretty obvious he doesn’t care too much what that Other might be.

The language a person chooses is always interesting. In this particular case, Womack’s language (or more probably the staffer’s who wrote this) is particularly revealing.

“Dealing with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)”???????

And how, pray tell, might The Scowling One propose to “deal with it?” Defund it?

Reducing the size of government? That’s it? Our only option? Not much imagination, TSO.


“Reforming our broken immigration system and addressing the crisis on our southern border”

Yes, we have seen the GOP efforts on this, and how well they have turned out. They have pretty much just turned to the guy they are suing and demanded he pull their legislative fat out of the fire.

“Increasing domestic energy exploration and development”

Gee, I wonder what that means?

“Cutting bureaucratic red tape and decreasing the burden of regulations”

What if the voters in your district are creeped out by GOP efforts in this area? Are you even interested in listening to them?

Well, a tiny sop to those concerned with the environment, with his comical nod to “Fighting climate change.”

If you click “Other” it doesn’t mean that you actually get to tell TSO what it is that you, and not the party bosses, think he should devote his attention to. It is just that – Other.

For all he knows, it might mean you want him to vote on dedicating more Post Offices to people.

What issues might TSO be totally unaware of, but the American people might actually like Congress to work on?

How about our growing prison population, and the drug war?

Disease and malnutrition?

Internet privacy?

Our nation’s failing infrastructure?


Wage theft?

Worker and consumer safety?

Corruption on Wall Street?

Well, TSO says he will be hosting “town halls” during what he calls his “district work period.” Maybe some folks will turn up to ask him these questions. And take your video cameras, so the results can be shown on the Internet and on Fayetteville Public Access Television – which is also available on the Internet.


Oh, no! Meals on Wheels! Help!

Gotta say that I loved the picture of the nervous looking woman accepting the tray of food that TSO held out the day he rode along with the Meals on Wheels folks. Couldn’t you find a picture of somebody smiling?

And, as usual, TSO shows his usual grimace when posing with others.

Loosen up, dude!

Quote of the Day

Perhaps the rediscovery of our humanity, and the potential of the human spirit which we have read about in legends, of older civilizations, or in accounts of solitary mystics, or in tales of science fiction writers – perhaps this will constitute the true revolution of the future. The new frontier lies not beyond the planets but within each one of us. – Pierre Elliot Trudeau