Newly elected Fayetteville alderman John La Tour is certainly getting off on the right foot with the people of Fayetteville – he is serving as a poll watcher with the group Repeal 119, which is on the lookout for Fayetteville voters who aren’t actually Fayetteville voters.

Because nothing says I respect everybody, whether I agree with them or not, like getting into a paranoid tizzy about hordes of liberals coming into vote with fake addresses.

Liberals by the busload.

No doubt Repeal 119 has had some folks hanging out at the bus station, taking pictures of just who gets off.

I’m pretty sure that there has never been a case of illegal voting in Fayetteville, and if any irresponsible accusations were to be made, one might look at at the Repeal 119 folks, who seem to have signs out as far as Prairie Grove, or so rumor has it, reminding folks to vote . . . in Fayetteville’s election.

Poll watching has such a ugly history in this country, that I hate to see it raise its ugly head in Fayetteville. But for a newly elected alderman to take part in it?

To admit from the get go that he doesn’t trust the election process in the city he is expected to help govern for for next four years?

It is hardly an auspicious beginning for the fledgling alderman.

But then, I suspect that John La Tour isn’t here to help govern, but is here instead to posture.


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