I had thought to track down Duncan and Wendy Campbell of Protect Fayetteville, perhaps to attend – and report on – one of their services, so, using the Google Machine, I undertook a Campbell odyssey.

Oh, the things one discovers by going online!


First I traveled to their website, which had a banner reading.”Become Ordained Today!” Word of caution – though it was up yesterday and this morning, the link isn’t there as I write this; maybe it will be back tomorrow?



So, visiting the Campbell’s website, I discovered that, in addition to their faith, based on a sort of Old Testament view of life – certainly, their language is sprinkled with enough archaic terms as to make one wonder if they are aware that they live in the 21st Century, that they have a plethora of items for sale.

Hanukkah eBook $9.99


Tambourine Dance Choreography eBook $12

Streamer Choreography eBook $12

Tambourine Dance History eBook $8.00

Tambourine Dance Choreography eVideo $5


And others. I’m not passing judgment; I sort of wish I had ads many things to sell. My soul certainly didn’t fetch a lot . . .

I was then led to this site – http://www.ministerregistration.org/statement-of-faith.html – where I found this, under BECOME AN ORDAINED CHRISTIAN MINISTER ONLINE

“Guide others on the path of God
• Run your own congregation
• Perform weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies
• Valid in all 50 US states”

can’t beat that with a stick. Of course, they also offer online learning courses. This is a service of the Christian National Church, which seems to be connected to the to United National Church, which offers neat ordination packets, ranging from $49.99, which offers:

“Basic Wedding Ordination
Certificate of Ordination
Letter of Good Standing with Official Church Seal
Plastic Professional Minister’s License Card
Free Shipping with Tracking”

to the $139.99 package, which gives you:

“Perform Weddings, Ministry, & Counseling Ordination
• Honorary Doctor of Divinity Diploma
• Certified Christian Counselor Certificate
• Certificate of Ordination
• Letter of Good Standing with Official Church Seal
• 1 Plastic Professional Minister’s License Card
• Plastic Clergy Parking Permit
• 1 Diploma Cover
• 4 Marriage Certificates
• 2 Renewal of Vows Certificates
• 1 Professional Wedding Ceremony Script
• 2 Counseling Completion Certificates
• Official Clergy Badge with Church Logo
• 2 Baptism Certificates
• Free Shipping with Tracking”


Nice work if you can get, I suppose. I’m not saying that folks who get their “ordinations” online aren’t quite legit – but that’s how I feel, actually. Sorry.

Yes, you have to  believe in God, accept Jesus as your savior, and pray for you past sins, but still . . .

And, of course. Protect Fayetteville itself is still in full-panic mode this month, as evidenced by their Facebook page.


Quote of the Day

Suddenly, it becomes a subversion of progress to assert the common-sense principle that communities exist for the health and enjoyment of those who live in them, not for the convenience of those who drive through them, fly over them, or exploit them for their real estate. – Theodore Roszak