Yes, I know, the trouble with that is that so often a person can’t leave well enough alone, and not only urges you to read more, but has a lengthy list of unreadable tomes which you simply must read if you are to be a good citizen in the 21st Century.

As for myself, I really don’t care what a person reads, as long as they read. Reading, as they used to say about a certain brand of potato chips, leads to more reading; you can’t stop at just one.


A glance at Facebook on any given day will show hundreds (thousands?) of folks who post fake quotes from historical figures, or links to news articles that don’t contain a shred of actual fact, but because they read it on a site which has the word “news” in it, why, by golly, it must be real and all that good stuff.

Well, not all the time, Backslapping Reader. In fact, maybe not even most of the time.


Why have we become so gullible? Because we read less. We read fewer books, fewer newspapers, and fewer magazines. We become mesmerized by stupid little pictures on Facebook with schoolyard taunts on them.

So, for the sake of our country, I’d like political candidates everywhere to start urging folks to read more. And read anything they want to, because that is what we should be celebrating, not the latest trendy book on how making it harder for people to drive to work will make us a more spiritual city, or how liberals/conservatives/Rosicrucians are plotting to destroy America.


Okay, they should read my books – that almost goes without saying, obviously. But other than that? If you want to read westerns, great. Science fiction, fantastic. Romance novels, fine with me. Poetry – dandy.

Even one-sided, simple-minded political tracts which blame all the troubles of the world on people you disagree with, and never actually talk to.

Just once, I’d like to hear a politician – especially somebody running for what we refer to as “higher office” urge folks to read more in their speeches.

But politicians (I suppose this fits a lot of newspaper columnists, as well) who come forward with a suggested reading list of books? Not only are books on these lists – like those who present them – pretentious, but are often so badly written that they threaten to turn a person away from reading for pleasure for a lifetime.


Fuhgeddaboudit . . .


Catherine Reed: The Music of the Spheres

CATHERINE REED: THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES, featuring the Northwest Arkansas singer/songwriter, can be seen any time at:

The program features recent songs Catherine performed in the studios of Fayetteville Public Access Television, her performance at the NWA Women’s Conference and Festival, and earlier videos she made in the 1990s.


Today’s Soundtrack

Today’s blog was written with the assistance of the CD “War is Hell,” which features music from Platoon, Victory at Sea, The Great Escape, Gettysburg, The Bridge on the River Kwai and Apocalypse Now, among others.

War may indeed be Hell, but some of the music, well . . .



Quote of the Day

“Get a day job, make your money from that, and write to please yourself.” – Harlan Ellison