At first it was difficult to figure out if this was a 21st Century version of Thomas Jefferson’s “A Dialogue between the Head and Heart,” or one of those inane Facebook posts where someone just types the most recent thing they had which passed for a thought.

A young man had gotten off a University of Arkansas bus, and was waiting for another, so that he might continue his odyssey. But, as everyone standing outside Union Station soon discovered . . . he was hungry.

He was really, really hungry.

“Four minutes!” he exclaimed. “Should I wait four minutes for the bus, or should I get something to eat?”


I looked up to see if he had one of those phone devices sticking out of his ear, but no, he seemed to be addressing the entire group of folks waiting for the bus – just nobody in particular.

“Four minutes!” he mused again, in a tone which made me glad that I had lost weight recently, lest I prove too tempting an afternoon snack.


No, it definitely was not a debate between his heart and his head, but the passion he was giving his problem made me think, yeah, this guy must post on Facebook a lot.

Too bad there were none of his Facebook friends on hand to give him guidance or moral support at that moment. Finally, unable to wait two more minutes, he shouldered his book bag and proclaimed, “Screw it, I’m getting something to eat,” as he marched into the Student Union – much to the disinterest of his would-be fellow bus passengers.

In a way, I suppose, it’s too bad this was reality and not Facebook, as no doubt a virtual chorus of encouragement words to the tune of “Hang in there!” and You Rock!”  might well  have warmed his heart as he not only ate lunch, but missed the bus.



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“Godwin’s law states that the longer any online debate goes on, the likelier it is that someone will play the Nazi card. It’s the rhetorical equivalent of going nuclear and stupid at the same time.” – John P. Avlon, Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America