First off, of course, we must give high praise to TV stations for giving viewers the weather not once, not twice, but three times in a half-hour newscast. Those afflicted with the more advanced cases of Attention Deficit Disorder must surely sing their praises.

I mean, they could be using some of that time for . . . oh, what’s the word? Oh yeah – news. Of course, I’m talking about local news, which means they’d have to stop reporting national news and finding cute videos to end the program on.


Hope springs eternal, though.

At any rate, I have been giving the question of whether or not weather folk – or weather experts, weather gurus, weather wizards or weather warriors – are required to take acting classes before embarking upon a television career.


How else might one explain their ability to completely ignore yesterday’s faulty forecast or predict, with all the enthusiasm of a door-to-door salesman, that by golly, tomorrow we’re are going to see some snow, by Crom!

I sometimes wonder if there aren’t secret award ceremonies where awards are given out to the weather warrior who is most convincing, the most sincere, even when their last three forecasts in a row have turned out disastrously wrong?


If you look closely enough, though, you can sometimes see the panic in their eyes, their knowledge that no matter how fast they talk or swirl their arms about, somebody, somewhere, is keeping track of all their forecasts . . .


On the Air with Mark Kinion

An “On the Air” interview with Fayetteville Alderman MARK KINION, who is running for Washington County Judge, can be seen anytime at:


“On the Air with Richard S. Drake” celebrates 25 years on the air in 2016.


Today’s Soundtrack

Today’s blog was written with the assistance of the CD “There is Love: The Complete Wedding Album.”

Don’t snicker, Cajoling Reader. It’s got some pretty good music, ranging all the way from Bach to Beethoven (a god among men!) to Pachelbel. A lot of the stuff on here I couldn’t imagine at any wedding anywhere, which is sort of what makes this CD so cool.

Of course, since sometimes I feel like I’m married to my keyboard . . .


Quote of the Day

If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late. – Henny Youngman