Some years ago I interviewed Timothy Hill, a political candidate who wanted to build a wall around our neighboring city of Springdale, so as to keep the evil influences of the New York City of the Ozarks from corrupting the decent folk who lived within their city limits. At least he didn’t claim that fayetteville would have to pay for the wall.

Before you scoff too much, Hill managed to get a fair number of votes.

He had other ideas, all outlined in his “100 Goals for Springdale,” which he faxed to various newspapers in the region.

Every time I see Comrade Trump proclaiming to the cheering masses that not only will his wall be built, but that Mexico will pay for it, my mind is drawn back to Timothy Hill, the man who wanted to keep women in their place, ban homosexuality from Springdale, and boys and girls taught to participate in “traditional” activities.


He envisioned a sign at the gates to Springdale, proclaiming, “Welcome to Springdale, Home of God fearing, armed Christian citizens.”

Is it too hard to imagine that Trump supporters would love to see such a sign at our proposed walled-in borders?

To read my interview with Timothy Hill, who lusted after instituting corporal punishment for gay men:


Now on YouTube, Douglas Andonian


In an effort to understand his veteran father better, filmmaker DOUGLAS ANDONIAN traveled to Europe, and made documentaries about the Battle of the Bulge and a concentration camp his father helped liberate. My interview with him can be seen any timeat:

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Daniel Boone was a man, was a big man . . .

Couldn’t get the theme from the “Daniel Boone” Tv series out of my head a few days ago, which in turn made me wonder – given the times he lived in, did he REALLY fight for all Americans, to make all Americans free?


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