I have had some interesting jobs in my life – be it working in a chemical lab, writing for an alternative newspaper, night manager in a convenience store or security officer, among a host of others – but there is one job I am massively unqualified for – that of being a psychic. And so it is with some envy that I pass by a certain business on a regular basis in Fayetteville.

For this business – no, I won’t tell you the name – is run by a psychic.


Just imagine the implications of that, if you will, Facile Reader.

You wake up, go about your morning ablutions, and suddenly it strikes you – you aren’t going to have any customers today, or if you do, they won’t be in till after lunch.


You can sleep late, spend the morning catching up on your correspondence, or even spend some meaningful time with the companion of your choice.

Assuming you make enough to support yourself, could there possibly be a better job than this? I don’t think so.



Today’s Soundtrack

My writing today was aided considerably by John Barry, and his music for the film “Somewhere in Time.”

Great movie, great soundtrack, and the novel (by Richard Matheson) it is based on are all great.



On the Air with Mark Warren

Now on YouTube – An interview with MARK WARREN, who discusses the world of gaming.

“On the Air with Richard S. Drake” celebrates 25 years on the air in 2016.


Quote of the Day

Mongo only pawn in game of life. – Mongo (Alex Karras), “Blazing Saddles”

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