How often have you been bored by some guy – and admit it, it is usually a guy – who goes on and on and on about some supposed lost love, the one that got away? To hear them tell it, you’d imagine that Dark Forces somehow intervened to destroy what can only be described as a storybook romance. But then, we are usually only getting half the story, aren’t we?

What sort of story might the “one who got away” tell us?


And, more to the point, is their idea of getting away different from the tales of the men who drone on and on about them, the men whose personal anthem includes the lyrics from the Andy Williams song:

“Can’t get used to losing you
No matter what I try to do
Gonna spend my whole life through
Loving you”

Maybe the “one who got away” is feeling pretty damned lucky that they got away, and wish that the lovelorn fellow who sends them roses every National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – which is in August, by the way – would find, if not a life, at least a hobby.


I’m not talking about stalkers so much, Galloping Reader, as I am those sad sacks who fondly imagine that “the one that got away” talks about them the very same way.

Because you know what? I’ll bet they don’t . . .



Today’s Soundtrack

Just to get in the mood today, the CD “Andy Williams’ Greatest Hits” left me feeling really, really mellow. And yes, before you ask, “can’t Get Used to Losing You” is indeed included.

But that’s just how things are on Moon River during the days of wine and roses, where everyone is born free . . .



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Quote of the Day

“Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing on earth. Putting them down is the hardest.” – Rod Serling