I know it’s really not funny, what with the fate of the world depending on it and all, but I had to laugh when I read of the turmoil and jockeying for power among Donald Trump’s inner circle. Why? Because it reminded me of so many dysfunctional workplaces I have seen over the years, or written about.

Doesn’t matter if it is a burger place, poultry plant, shoe store, newspaper office or any of a hundred-and-one other places where there are sycophants and bosses who have an emotional need for sycophancy, you’ll have ugliness in the workplace.


And if it should be taking place in the White House? Well, Katie bar the door, cuz this stuff won’t confine itself to just one building on the planet.

Like the ripples in a stream, chaos in the White House, with a world leader whose ego needs constant massaging, well, it will look like someone threw an anvil into the pond.


A lot of folks who have never been close to the decision-making centers of business, or studied the issue, often clamor for business leaders in government – just as, not so very long ago, the same folks were crying out for those with military experience to lead us out of the wilderness.

So now they have their wish, in the person of possibly the most emotionally insecure president we have ever had.


I wish I had a good punch line to go with this, but people who read, and pay attention to more than the latest malice-filled Facebook meme or “news” from sites drenched with paranoia and conspiracy aren’t seeing much funny these days.


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