There are times when I look over my Facebook feed and I read the most amazing – and actually, sort of horrifying – posts. Folks in the throes of a temporary emotional typhoon have the sudden desire to go online and pour out all their rage, their fury and their resentments.

You know, the stuff you used to write in your diary or journal.

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Or tell your therapist, just before they handed you off to the nice orderly, who would show you to your room.

I’m not talking about the posts where someone might have a lousy day, or is frustrated about something, but full-throated venting, where you can imagine the person screaming aloud as their fingers mangle the keyboard.


In the grip of rage they will attack loved ones, bosses, and even casual strangers. Long, rambling posts, which will begin with an energetic assault on the nerves of the universe, and then, after a few hundred – or thousand – words, you can almost see them sag in their chair, as the energy leaves their body.

Those who respond are often left with little option but the usual, “Uh, hope your day gets better.” Or the ever popular “Hang in there!”


Or, if the person has just sort of skimmed over what has been written – “You rock!”

Even in the 21st century, there is still a lot of value in the old-fashioned diary, journal or therapist.

But since we live in an age where folks of all ages pour out their hearts on their cell phones in front of all and sundry, well, maybe things will just get worse.



Today’s Soundtrack

Today’s concerto was written with the aid of the CD, “Vivaldi: 6 Violin Concertos,” from the good folks at RCA Victor.

I didn’t have to tell you that last part, but a childlike thrill ran through me as I typed in the words, “RCA Victor.”


Quote of the Day

Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t go to yours, – Yogi Berra