Many have been playing a game the last few weeks (has it really only been a few weeks?) and it goes along the lines of:

What is Barack (or Michelle) Obama did ________?


For example, what if the Obama family had not moved into the White House in January of 2009?

What if Obama, using the vocabulary of a sixth-grader, took to Twitter and hurled angry insults at people he felt pissy at that day?


What if? What if? What if Obama had done even a fraction of what Donald Trump has done in just two excruciatingly long weeks?

The folks who now clam they were quiet and respectful when America’s first black president took office, of course, will be upset when this game is played.


very soon now, we’ll be playing a new game, but, as ever, with Donald Trump at the center, but this time asking:

What if Donald Trump did _______, just like Putin?

What if Donald Trump signed a bill decriminalizing some forms of domestic abuse?

What if Donald Trump’s political enemies ended up in hospital, or dead?


What if Trump signed into law a bill “protecting” children from information about the gay community?

What if Donald Trump signed a bill calling for even more electronic surveillance on American citizens?

What if Donald Trump attempted to extend America’s . . . well, for lack of a better world, “empire”?

What if Donald Trump attempted to block Americans’ access to the Internet?

Well? What if?

Trump critic Jeff Gillenkirk died in November. If he had been a Hillary Clinton critic, the screaming paranoia machine would be working overtime.


Today’s Soundtrack

Writing in a Ring of Fire today, as I listen to the great Johnny Cash, from the CD “Johnny Cash: 20 All-Time Super Hits.”

And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire . . .


Now on YouTube . . . Al Vick: Fayetteville – An Alternative

An interview with writer and political activist Al Vick.


Quote of the Day

The only sense that is common in the long run is the sense of change, and we all instinctively avoid it. – E.B. White