Congressman Steve Womack, who “represents” the good folks of Northwest Arkansas in Congress, just can’t help voting himself from against their best interests. He is there to do the bidding of Donald Trump, after all, and his constituents be damned.

Last week was no exception.


TSO voted in support of a bill designed to make it easier for private companies to offer stock compensation to their employees without triggering reporting requirements as per the the Securities and Exchange Commission. As it stands now, compensation plans of five million dollars must make certain disclosures to employees about the company’s finances, including risk assessments.

Folks like to know about such things, as I’m sure TSO is well aware.


Womack and fellow GOP members voted to double this to ten million dollars before employees need be told such information.

Ah, why should employees be told anything at all? I’m sure that will be in the works at some point.


TSO voted against a Democratic bid which would require consideration of a resolution blocking action on any tax legislation until after the Ways and Means Committee has privately looked over the income tax returns of the president from 2007 through 2016. This would be important, since proposed changes to the tax code might affect Trump’s finances.

No comment.

And yes, there are other bills that TSO votes on, but I only write about the ones which reveal his unwillingness to separate himself from the herd.



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