Graduation Day has come for students at the Agee Lierly Life Preparation Services campus (ALLPS). And so, on May 5, at 10:30am, there will be a celebration honoring the students.

After the graduation ceremony there will be food and, fun for everyone and, for the first time, an art show featuring the work of talented artists.


There will also be a chance to visit the school’s garden. If you have a chance on Friday, show your support not only for the school and the good work they do, but also for the students who are graduating this year.

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Now on YouTube: Peter Tooker

My interview with former Grapevine editor and ACORN organizer Peter Tooker. In addition, of course, he also served on the board of directors at Fayetteville Open Channel, Fayetteville’s first public access provider.

“On the Air with Richard S. Drake” celebrates 26 years on the air in 2017.



Quote of the Day

The internet started as a bastion for free expression. Over time, however, that openness has enabled the harassment of people for their views, experiences, appearances, or demographic backgrounds. The trolls are winning. Fully 40 percent of online users have experienced bullying, harassment, and intimidation, according to Pew Research. Some 70 percent of users between ages 18 and 24 say they’ve been the target of harassers. Not surprisingly, women and minorities have it worst. We were naive in our initial expectations for the Internet, an early Internet pioneer told me recently. We did not understand how people could use it to harm others. Or that young people would come to see this bullying as the norm – as something to emulate in an effort to one-up each other. – Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao