Republican Robb Ryerse has one clear advantage over Steve Womack – he doesn’t have a perpetual scowl on his face. Aside from that, though, Ryerse might seem to offer Republicans a clear choice in 2018’s primary.

True, Womack has certain advantages. He has loads and loads of money at his disposal, and the endorsement of scads of right-wing groups.

But Ryerse, who seems a throwback to a time when members of Congress didn’t act like the feces throwing denizens of a primate cage, may have a chance to reach out to Republicans who have have tired of a man who seems to serve as nothing more than a rubber stamp for Donald Trump and the GOP leadership.

Though Robb Ryerse is a Republican, and has no plans to change party affiliation, his platform may well appeal to many Democrats.


Ryerse is part of the “New Congress” movement, a Bernie Sanders inspired effort which aspires to change the nation’s political climate. Both Republicans and Democrats are part of the movement.

I don’t know for certain, but I imagine it isn’t simply the two main parties who may find such individuals running under the New Congress flag. Thus far, Ryerse is the only New Congress candidate running in Arkansas, but it’s early days yet.


His platform, as opposed to that of the Scowling One, seems to be taking care of human beings, from stewardship of the environment to health care to a whole host of other issues.

I’d like to see a debate between Ryerse and The Scowling One; I have no doubt that Womack would be scowling even more by the end of the evening.

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