When members of ISIS attack innocent civilians, folks will often demand that moderate Muslims beat their breasts in public and loudly condemn such actions – which they routinely do, actually, though the folks filled with rage rarely, if ever, notice. Ditto for members of any racial or religious group who find that fanatics to their cause have committed offenses against humanity. But when White Supremacists commit murder and mayhem, not only is there little to no backlash from conservatives, but they will often seek out excuses why they shouldn’t have to.

______ is an aberration; he doesn’t represent our political beliefs.


____ is really a liberal; I read it in a Facebook meme!

It is an undeniable fact that a certain portion of Donald Trump’s support comes from the Alt-right – the Politically Correct, if you will, term for those whose inspiration comes from the dank, dark dungeons of the spiritual soul, the life-form known as bigot.


These are the undesirables of Which Hillary Clinton spoke of last year. Naturally, the remark was blown out of proportion by those for whom Reader’s Digest Condensed Books are still a little beyond their intellectual grasp.

Well, for those who like to write letters to the editor and post Facebook memes about Muslims and other minority groups, the shoe is most definitely on the other foot now.


Now it is time to call upon each and every Trump supporter to stop enabling the horror in their midst.

Trump supporters must loudly and passionately call out the racist elements of the Republican Party. They must rise up and tell these racists to go and crawl back under the rocks from which they emerged.

It will be interesting to see how many do just that, won’t it? And how many don’t, as well.



Today’s Soundtrack

Okay, I wrote this while listening to “The Best of the Manhattan Transfer.”

Just get off my back, it was laying on the table and I popped it in. I know – my soul is damned forever.


Now on YouTube: The Neon Girls

In 1996 it was my great privilege to tape a concert at the University of Arkansas featuring the Neon Girls. Faithful viewers of Fayetteville Public Television have seen many of their songs show up from time to time.

Here are the highlights of that concert: T”he Best of the Neon Girls.”



Quote of the Day

As a fact – a mere fact of history – nearly everything we hold to be the truth, save what comes immediately from the evidence of our senses, has been established by controversy. – Hilaire Belloc