Looking over my recent Internet history, I realized that most of my online searches have been journeys to counter the racism, sexism and outright lies found on so many Facebook memes.

The other night I was responding with some irritation under a typical Facebook meme trumpeting not only falsehoods, but racism, as well, when I found my anger replaced by pity. This was a person – one among so many – who post lie upon lie on an almost hourly basis, and never removes them, once the lie has been revealed.


I suspect for such people – and many of their Facebook “friends” – removal of such a post would constitute an act of surrender to the forces of evil they sense all about them.

I should tell you at this point that even though pity – or as much of that feeling as I could generate – filled me, I still posted my angry retort to their racist post. I am only human, after all.


It would be so nice if I could say it was just racist conservatives who post falsehoods online, but it just ain’t so. Liberals post just as much nonsense, and all because they find something that conforms their worst suspicions of the Other Side, and in their excitement, all intellectual discernment leaves them.

Like their brothers and sisters on the Other Side, they neglect to go to the search engine of their choice to check if what they are posting is even true or not.


And so, hundreds of years of human progress goes down the toilet, as racist and ignorant memes are posted, and the peanut gallery gives in to their Internet Outrage, showing off their rage and contempt online.

I had a whole list of such memes in front of me when I began to write this, but I scrapped it. In the time it took to write the above paragraphs, a hundred new memes have no doubt been added to Facebook, some funny, but those are outnumbered by the memes that are vile beyond belief, racist or sexist.

I’m still naive enough to believe that folks will respond to passion, eloquence and facts, but in an age when folks proudly show off their ignorance, well, it’s harder and harder to hold on to that belief.

Well, refuting their lies has taken up way too much of my time, especially when, after one of their posts has been proven to be a lie, they swiftly follow it up with three equally as ugly.


I guess that’s what happens when folks spend too much time dog-paddling in their own genetic pool.


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