In a perfect world, not only would the frat house where this alleged vile act took place be shuttered (preferably forever) but all of the young men who took part would have to register as sex offenders. Oh, and expelled, to boot.

Not being a perfect world, well, the young men involved will no doubt grow up to be the Future Leaders of Tomorrow.

In Saturday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette came this article, written by Jaime Adame:

UA frat sued over photos


The first paragraph reads:

“A lawsuit filed Friday claims Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity should be held responsible for sexually explicit photographs taken without consent and then distributed to an email network for University of Arkansas fraternity members.”


A young woman – “Jane Doe” – has sex with a fraternity “associate” member in a bathroom stall in February of 2017 at a frat party. All well and good- we’ve all done similar in our lives. But here comes the morally repulsive part.

At the urging of some Future Leaders of America, one yabo sticks a camera phone under the door as part of his initiation into this bastion of young American manhood, and takes a few “art shots” of the couple having sex.

According to the story, more than a few trailer trash fraternity members also took photos – presumably so they could see what actual sex looked like, should any of them ever be lucky enough to meet someone wowed by their charm.

Yes, some non-fraternity members also were in on the action, but we’ll leave them aside for the nonce, and concentrate on the fraternity, since, as we all know, fraternities are the best of the best.


The lawsuit claims that this was part of a “Picture pledge” with the picture later sent out over the Arkansas LCA Gmail list-serv.

Turns out that two (at the very least) of the Future Leaders of America may have put some pressure on said yabo who took the pictures to upload and distribute them online.

Frat members claim that there was never such a thing as a “Picture Pledge.”

I wonder, if, any point, the young art lover in question may have thought to himself, “Are these really the kind of guys I want to be associated with?”

Nah, probably not.

The lawsuit claims, rightly so, that the young woman has suffered in terms of self-esteem, personal reputation and lost educational opportunity.

It isn’t just the fact that Video voyeurism is a crime but the fact that so many of the Future Leaders of Tomorrow involved evidently didn’t have the brains or moral fibre to figure out that what they were doing was not only shameful, but that such action reflected badly upon their parent organization, their university, their state, their gender and their families.

Let loose the dogs of war upon any of these Future Sex Offenders of America who may be found responsible in this matter.



Ha. If they were “responsible” none of this would ever have happened.

If the University of Arkansas does not act on this, then, by God, they are little more than accomplices in the violation of this young woman.


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