One day, like Saul on the road to Damascus, John La Tour may well have an epiphany – namely, that the folks he rails against online are also his constituents, and deserve more respect than the felgercarb he likes to post online.

By now, most are probably aware of the silly posts he left on his city council Facebook page earlier this week:


“Homosexual are attempting to lower my professional reputation online by leaving me one star reviews when I have never provided them with any service. Please google my name when you have time. If you can, please leave me a good review. Thank you.”

This was later changed to:


“My political opponents, mostly homosexuals and their supporters, are attempting to lower my professional reputation…”

And then:


“My political opponents are attempting to lower my professional reputation…”

Now, of course, all of the comments have been removed.

He still has a personal Facebook page, where, if you like, he can read of his support for Judge Roy Moore, his distaste for gay marriage, and one amusing little video entitled “They are coming for our children.”

Many are the comments left by his supporters. I have just spent the better part of an hour looking over his current Facebook page – shouldn’t there be a public service award for that? – and it is pretty obvious that Comrade La Tour is fairly partisan.


Fair enough, I suppose. Liberals on the City Council are pretty open with their views, and I don’t want to live in a world in which everyone thinks the same way as I do.

But I got the strong feeling that Alderman la Tour doesn’t exactly shut his ears when he hears a good conspiracy theory.

He uses language that is aimed foursquare not at the general public, but at those who see the world exactly as he does. Again, not a crime, but a little impolitic.

Even so, I have no intention of signing any petition demanding that he resign. Why turn John La Tour into a political martyr? Or create an issue for the next election?

And, if the city council were to appoint someone whose views fell more in line with the majority of city council members, well, all hell would literally break loose.

You’ll find this, I believe, under the Laws of Unintended Consequences.


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