In the last few years we have seen an alarming new factor coming into play in our mass murder horror: men and boys who can’t deal with romantic rejection. Being an old fart, I’m going to put a certain share of the blame on social media, where both personal triumph and personal tragedy are played out- and thus magnified – for a mass audience.

And audience may be the truest term for it.


But it ain’t women who take their wrath, their self-pity and their frustration out by killing strangers. No, it’s guys.

Guys who drive their vehicles into groups of women, or shoot them.



Which, of course, puts the lie to the age-old claim that women are not only more emotional than men, but furthermore, are unable to control their emotions.


But, you know, it isn’t only mass murder we need to think about, as frightening as it is. Social media can be used to shame, humiliate and denigrate even the bravest of us. Is it any wonder that teen suicides are ever rising?

Wiser heads than mine will have to deal with the social media issue. Instead, I have thinking along the lines of, “Why can’t we find a way to help folks deal with personal rejection?”

And why not offer it as part of the hugh school curriculum?

Personally, I’ve always liked the old bit of advice, “There are plenty of other fish in the sea,” but I also know from personal experience that isn’t much consolation when someone you really, really like just isn’t into you.


It hurts as a kid. It hurts as a grown man or woman.

We created this mighty steed known as social media, and are developing the saddle long after we have jumped aboard. Maybe it’s time to work on our emotional stirrups?

Some parents are wisely not allowing their children much time – if any at all – on social media. Those kids may grow up healthier than a lot of other folk. But as long as we have social media and the emotionally vulnerable in the same universe, we need to find a way to help not only kids, but adults, as well, deal with the fact that not only does the world not have to love you, but that there are real jerks out there.

Which brings us back to the guys who hate on women because they can’t get a date. They whine on Facebook about it, and form little colonies on line, where Involuntary Celibates, who proudly refer to themselves as incels, congregate together and whine.

One such site:

Exciting discussion topics can be found, including:

I’m tired of being used man

Any incels who bodybuild and still failed?

We dont even have a chance with the non shallow girls

Please note that at the bottom of the page is an ad:


On the top of the page is a promo for a “3-D Sex Game.”

Ah, the rip-roaring life of an incel!

I spent far too much time researching this, I think, and the ugly stench of anti-Semitism comes through loud and clear on far too many of the posts, which I won’t share here. But basically, I found loathing not only for women, but also Asians and Jews. And that was just after scratching the surface of this dank dungeon.


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My director, Mr. C.F. Roberts and I sit down with Dan Robinson of Fayetteville Public Television for a discussion about a show which has my name in the title.

The Interview: Richard S. Drake and C. F. Roberts


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