Donald Trump, a man almost pathological in his need for love and praise, seems totally unaware of the long-term consequences of the current policy of forcibly removing children from their parents at the border. Particularly odd, since one sycophant has recently said that Trump is playing a “long game” in this situation.

I don’t think so.


I have spent the last few days reading much about the long-term consequences of removing young children from their parents as we (and Trump is doing it in our name, so “we” is the right word) are doing, with particular emphasis on kids being boxed up 22 hours a day, and only let out two hours a day in the sunshine.

Of course, that will will be solved, I suppose, once the majority of them are shipped out to Joe Arpaio inspired tent cities. In fact, would anyone be surprised if Arpaio were called in as an advisor?


But there is something Trump has overlooked; the long-term political consequences of his actions. He is creating an entire generation of people who will hold not only him but the United States as a whole in abject contempt.

He is creating a generation of people who will not ever be our friends.


Thousands of young people who will have no reason to respect anything this country has to say, and we are creating more by the day. They will in all likelihood be returned whence they came, and, if they survive the hellish conditions which made their parents flee in the first place, will tell all and sundry their stories about the land of the free and the home of the jailor.

And as for Donald Trump, with his obsessive need for adoration?

Oh, the stories they will tell . . .



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In my stories, the “baddies” aren’t really bad, because they’re doing what they think is right . . . I find it hard to imagine anyone as totally bad or totally inimical. Science fiction, and Doctor Who in particular, is a great opportunity to to get across a point of view . . . Remember what politics refers to: the relationships between groups of people. It doesn’t necessarily mean left or right, Labour or Conservative, so really all Doctor Who stories are political. Even though the other people look like reptiles, they’re still people. I’d say it’s a very political show. – Malcolm Hulke, Doctor Who writer, quoted in Doctor Who Magazine