I’ve had The Procedure twice now at Little Rock’s UAMS, and oddly, instead of thinking about my health, I find my mind occasionally drifting to the subject of socks.

Stripping down to your birthday suit, clad only in the hospital gown and the socks they provide each visit, you have a lot of time to ponder the mysteries of the Universe – like, for example, just how many of these bright orange socks do they give away a year?


These aren’t just ordinary socks, but the type which prevent you from skidding or sliding along the floor. So no, so Tom Cruise-like Risky Business wearing these babies.

In case you have forgotten:



I thought about just washing the pair of socks they gave me on my last visit, but refrained from bringing them with me thinking they might not be impressed at my offering of such a cost-saving measure. Sterility and all that, you know.


So I gladly accepted my new socks. After all, I want to do my part in keeping the area clean – even though I have the utmost faith in my own laundering skills. Yes, I know, who knows what germs they might pick up between Fayetteville and Little Rock?

As to my original question about just how many socks they go through a year? Well, my nurse (who I share with a whole bunch of other people) told me that in the part of UAMS where I was having The Procedure they see about 50 patients a day.

Do the math yourself, Zestful Reader. I did, that’s a whole lot of socks.

Socks may be a little thing, but they just get added to the list of things I am grateful to UAMS for.




The nurse told me I could wear my glasses this go around. Yippee, thought.

\It doesn’t take long, though, before you come to the realization that one ceiling tile is pretty much like another, in the grand scheme of things.


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Writing in my own imaginary MacArthur Park today, as I listen to Ms. Donna Summer.

I’d better finish, cuz that damn cake’s still out there in the rain . . .


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Quote of the Day

A person who takes smug pride in telling the blunt truth is a sadist, not a saint. – Robert A Heinlein