Well, it’s been a relaxing few weeks away from the world of Internet Outrage, but now that I have a few minutes to spare, I thought I’d post something, lest whatever writing skills I still have atrophy and wither away. But why, you my ask, have I taken so much time away from the virtual world of online nattering and gromishing?

We have been in Contractor Hell – still there to a certain degree. Okay, that and the fact that one of our computers seems to have committed hara-kiri, but mainly it’s been because we’ve had a team of guys ripping up our plumbing and our bathrooms. We’re down to one toilet, one sink (kitchen) and one shower this week, but it beats last week when we only had a toilet and a sink.


Our home, as much as I love it, has been as much of a playground for carious contractors – both competent and incompetent – over the years as any house can be.

From the fellow who fled to Costa Rico to avoid prosecution (and who seems to have set up some sort of business down there) to the guy who told us, “My partner has a meth problem,” explaining why his help-mate hadn’t turned up that day to the cad who couldn’t seem to put a garage door on right to . . .


Well, you get the picture. The fellow who told me about his partner’s meth problem? After he disappeared the next time he turned up was in the police reports for drug possession.

Thank God my doctors don’t work on the same principle as some of the contractors we have used. And yes, we have used some good contractors, but I have just written about the most entertaining.


At any rate, I’m about to take my first shower in a week – assuming the wall doesn’t fall down on me in the process.