Back in the days when I would take long walks at night and early morning, South Fayetteville was always one of my favorite parts of town to travel in, working out any creative (or otherwise) problems I might be having. Keep your sterile walking trails; I need the trappings of humanity about me to give inspiration.

It has always been one of the more interesting parts of town to explore, and like others, I have shuddered at the “innovative” apartment buildings which have replaced so many older homes and buildings. There is no soul to them, no spirit, and worse yet, the developers who encourage such building are destroying the soul and spirit of a vital part of town, a part of our community in which so many working class people live.



Human beings who live in danger of being forced to move elsewhere, thanks to the greed and short sightedness of a few – a few who do not respect the area for what it does offer, and has offered, and whose only “vision” for South Fayetteville is drawn on some economic Etch-a-Sketch, and not human value.


Fie on them.

And where will they move, the newly unwanted? Will they, like so many before them, the folks who are evicted from apartments or trailer parks, be forced to move out of Fayetteville altogether?


This battle for the soul of Fayetteville may be one of the most important political/social battles this community has waged for many a year. The price of defeat may be higher than we can bear.


Harlan Ellison’s Watching

How come I never knew these existed? The great Harlan Ellison on the Sy Fy (I guess back when it was still Sci Fi) Channel, offering commentaries on everything under the sun.



Quote of the Day

I heard someone say, and I said it too, that ridicule is the most effective weapon. I don’t suppose I ever really believed it, but it was easy and comforting, and so I said it. Well, now I know. I know there are things that never have been funny, and never will be. And I know that ridicule may be a shield, but it is not a weapon. – Dorothy Parker