Over the years I suspect that I could find maybe ten, twelve people who could attest to the fact that I am a fellow of good character, and that they could not imagine me doing anything untoward. This doesn’t mean that I am a Good Person, but rather, like most people, I have done most of the things I am ashamed of out of the view whose whose opinion I most value.

Doesn’t matter if you are a plumber or a nominee for the Supreme Court – the folks who will write glowing reports on your character will simply not be privy to your private sins, the acts most shameful to you.


For the majority of men who have been accused of crimes of a sexual nature. well, they prefer their assaults to be away from the light.

And not just sex, and not just men. For those of us who have behaved dishonorably at least once – don’t even try to claim you haven’t – these are actions are hidden away, not talked about, not bragged about, and probably not recorded in our diaries.


Well, some of mine are . . .

We all have feet of clay, and letters signed by scores of people attesting to our good character, well, they should be taken with a grain of salt.