Well, Gambling Reader, I’ve written about many important topics of late, which I am sure has enthralled each and every one of you. But today, well, today we tackle one of the most important issues of our time – Gentle Readers and the havoc they spread wherever they go.

For years now, writers have addressed their readers as “gentle,” as though this is a state of being something all readers should aspire to. But when I think of gentle readers, I think of a Laudanum-laced folks, lolling in their bean bag chairs, literally too stoned to turn a page.


Speaking for myself, I don’t want gentle readers, turning their soft gazes over the pages of a book, blog or article. I want zesty, lusty readers, folks who can’t wait till they get their hands on something new to read, something that will challenge them, amuse them, infuriate them, rattle them and move them to loud huzzahs when hey discover yet a another book or article by one of their favorite writers.

Over the years I have hailed my readers as:


Abandoned Readers

Babbling Readers


Damaged Readers

Caged Readers

And the list goes on. whatever these readers are, they are are alive, lusting for more to read, and hardly the heavily tranquilized gentle readers among us. No, Macabre Readers, they are fully engaged with life, and long may it be so.

Do not, I implore you, do not go gentle into that good library or bookstore . . .



Quote of the Day

Quote of he Day

Wearing a cape doesn’t do much for your social life. There’s a standing, unspoken, and utterly unreliable truce among enhanced criminals, the robot-army, hood-and-mask, good-evening-Mister-Bond set. My peer group is largely a collection of psychotics, aliens, and would-be emperors. – Doctor Impossible (“One Day I will be Invincible” – written by Austin Grossman)