Those of us who have faced serious illness are more than aware of the emotions we all have in common before inevitable tests, procedures and surgeries. This morning I realized that all of the emotions I went through this year have been identical to the roller coaster I have gone through in the days and weeks before this election.

As I lay in bed this morning, I considered the emotions I have seen on display online, from folks of all political persuasions.





Deep depression.





This election, this year, more than any other in recent memory, has all the the political and spiritual impact of the fears that so many of us who have dealt with cancer (and other major illnesses as well) have faced.

Tonight, on Facebook, we see so much of this still in evidence.


Surviving the procedure is the key to our survival as nation, both as individuals and as a people.

Then again, I sort of suspect we’ll still see all of these emotions in full display over the next few days and weeks.


Quote of the Day

For you or me to tell Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or Rosa Parks that all they needed to do to resolve their social concerns was to read the writings of the founding fathers would have made Letterman’s Top Ten List of Stupid Human Ideas, The notion so prevalent among conservatives that the founding fathers are to be worshiped and obeyed and that contemporary judges are evil if they depart from “the intent of the founders,” is trash talking. – Gil Alexander-Moegerle, “James Dobson’s War on America”