Dear ________,

I am using this public venue in an attempt to communicate with ____________. since neither Facebook messages nor phone calls seem to be effective.


Once I was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, my wife and I felt it it vital to have our bathrooms redesigned with new showers, toilets and sinks, among other changes. Well, we toilets installed, showers (which need caulking), but no sinks, mirrors, medicine cabinets etc. installed.

Well, we a SINK in the bedroom bathroom, but not the one we paid for. Plus, of course, it’s sort of ugly, and totally unsuited for someone who may be forced to use a wheelchair.


The door in the hall bathroom still needs to be installed.

his leaves aside the issue of the bizarre scratches we have found on one of the showers, and the fact that little respect seems to have been paid to our personal property. I suppose we can live with the scratches, if only we could have our sinks.


The project was begun in the Spring, and in a few weeks it will be Christmas. We have given up on the notion of having bathrooms with sinks in before then, but surely before New Years Day? ESPECIALLY since we have paid all of our money upfront?

We are in the process of renovating our home, and having work we have paid for to be finally done would be a great start. Our living room is full of boxes with material to be installed, plus regular bathroom supplies.

We have other complaints – including refusing to install a bathroom door we requested, and the installation of faucets we did NOT ask for, but we are confident that all can be worked out – hopefully BEFORE I die of cancer.



Quote of the Day

“A patriot is not a weapon. A patriot is one who wrestles for the soul of her country as she wrestles for her own being.” – Adrienne Rich