whine a lot, that I will readily admit. But you know what? So do you. But basically it comes down to this: you – and and others of your ilk – whine and moan and take offense at the drop of a hat. I, on the other hand – and folks of my ilk – are rational observers of the human condition.

I’ve just spent a few days reflecting on what I hear around me, and read online.


have learned some important truths about the universe on on my journey towards enlightenment.

Baby Boomers and those even younger are the biggest whiners on the planet, especially those who have the temerity to see the world in ways we can not understand.


And then, the MAGA crowd takes offense at, well, everything.

if you get really bored, just sit and read the offerings on Facebook for one measly hour. And then, if you are truly a glutton for punishment, read over the wisdom of those who follow them.


rony, as they say, is lost on these folks. You might even say that Irony is yet another enemy of the American people. You could point this sort of thing out, but all you’d get i a blank stare.

A pox on both your houses. You both bore me to tears.


Quote of the Day

Virtually all multitaskers think they are brilliant at multitasking. And one of the big discoveries is, you now what? You’re really lousy at it. [It’s] been demonstrated over and over and over. No one talks about it – I don’t know why – but in fact there’s no contradictory evidence to this for the last 15, 20 years. – Stanford sociologist Clifford Nass, Mother Jones, August 2011