Street Jazz


I used to think that I would never be too sick to write, but my recent “vacation” in the hospital has thrown me me for a loop.

Time Travel Apology Tour

Time Travel Apology Tour I have been thinking, the last few years, how nice it would be to have a time machine, to enable one to go back in time and try to smooth over one’s screw ups.

Fayetteville: Long-overdue rebellion coming in the South of town?

Back in the days when I would take long walks at night and early morning, South Fayetteville was always one of my favorite parts of town to travel in, working out any creative (or otherwise) problems I might be having.

Contractor Hell

Well, it’s been a relaxing few weeks away from the world of Internet Outrage, but now that I have a few minutes to spare, I thought I’d post something, lest whatever writing skills I still have atrophy and wither away.

UAMS: With socks on my mind

I’ve had The Procedure twice now at Little Rock’s UAMS, and oddly, instead of thinking about my health, I find my mind occasionally drifting to the subject of socks.

In appreciation of film reviews: Film and the written word

I was telling Tracy about films coming to the base theater when I was a kid, and I suddenly remembered that - especially if you were stationed in a non-English speaking country - pretty much the only movie previews we saw were the ones shown at the theater.

Bear Trap Territory: Why I can’t quite go above six on the pain chart

Though my prognosis doesn’t seem as dire as it did a few months ago, there are still occasional days when I feel like death warmed over - hence the fact that I am not as diehard in my writing as I should be.

The day I hung up on Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison, who has had more influence on my writing than any other writer, has died.

Michael Savage’s Countdown to Mecca: Mesmerized by bad writing

It was as if everything in the world had vanished and the only things still in existence were myself and the book I was gripping in my hands.

Ripples in a stream: How removing kids from their parents will Create a generation of people who will hold America in contempt

Donald Trump, a man almost pathological in his need for love and praise, seems totally unaware of the long-term consequences of the current policy of forcibly removing children from their parents at the border.

“Message Books” for kids: the literary equivalent of cod liver oil?

Offhand, I can’t think of a better way to ensure yet another generation of nonreaders than to give kids “message books,” whether the message be about loving and accepting yourself, others or espousing a particular world-view - no matter what that world view might be.

Facebook memes and idiotic thoughts

Everyday on Facebook one can see countless memes featuring the likes of Gene Wilder, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Sam Elliot and others, supposedly expressing notions which would see the average person laughed out of the room.