Street Jazz

When is a whistleblower not a whistleblower? When they are trying to set you up for a lawsuit . . .

Once upon a time there was a columnist (in a publication I will not name) whose writing bordered on such outright racism that I felt compelled to write about him on several occasions.
IT Arkansas job board

Dear President Trump: I look good on TV - can I have a job?

First off, sir, I realize that if If I really want to be considered for a job, I should post my plea on television, but I suspect that you are far more literate than many suspect.

Candidates and elected officials: your Facebook/Twitter pages should be open to everyone - no private accounts

Maine GOP candidate Leslie Gibson, whose sole claim on history may be that he Tweeted that a young Parkland survivor was a “lesbian skinhead” in response to her joining in on protests (and called another a “moron” and a “baldfaced liar”) tried to salvage his campaign for the state legislature by making his Twitter page private, meaning that only the folks in his intellectual treehouse could read what passed for his wisdom.

Isn’t a “No Soliciting” sign supposed to be like a crucifix against a vampire?

“Young man,” I said, pointing to the sign on the door, “is English your second language?” I might not have been so testy, but he was the second one to come pounding on the door that day.

“Well, you have cancer.”

I was sitting in the doctor’s office a few days ago, reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet,” when he came in and asked, “How are you today, Mr. Drake?” The thought flitted through my mind that, all things considered, he knew more about that than I did.

Congressman Steve Womack: The Scowling One was on a roll last week

Going out of his way yet again to demonstrate that he isn’t quite sure who he represents, Congressman Steve (The Scowling One) Womack spread the love around last week, proving once again that he will not stand against the tide where it comes to the GOP agenda.

Biopsy Redux

“Those two Valium you gave me haven’t kicked in yet,” I told the nurse. “Maybe you had better give me about 12 more.” She laughed and said, “They will.” And damned if she wasn’t right.

And now, a moment of silence for those lawmakers in thrall to the NRA

Adding insult (contempt?) to injury, the Florida legislature not only rejected a bill to ban assault weapons, but immediately moved to the go to position for such lawmakers: a moment of silence for the victims of the Parkland shooting.

University of Arkansas: An act akin to rape?

In a perfect world, not only would the frat house where this vile act took place be shuttered (preferably forever) but all of the young men who took part would have to register as sex offenders.

Young people vs the gun industry: how long till the inevitable backlash?

While I am happy that young people are making their voices heard after the latest shooting outrage, I’m pretty certain that the backlash against them will be coming like a tidal wave within a matter of days.

Increased security for schools? And just who is gonna pay for it?

It is one of Life’s Great Ironies that the same folks who seem to routinely vote down school bond issues are clamoring to increase funding for security, which will no doubt mean even more teachers will have pull money out of their own pockets so that students can have basic supplies.

Another Day, Another Shooting: A Politician’s Prayer

Hello, Lord, it’s me again, Senator Booker Blish, and I’m here to say a prayer for the families of the folks gunned down in ________, and, it goes without saying, everyone in that lovely community, which was violated by an evil man with mental health issues today.

Lies, Damned Lies and Facebook Memes

Looking over my recent Internet history, I realized that most of my online searches have been journeys to counter the racism, sexism and outright lies found on so many Facebook memes.

Arthur Jones puts the final nail in the myth that the GOP is the party of Lincoln

Those who have no working knowledge of history will tell us again and again that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and that in the past - the far, far past - Democrats were a party of racists.

The Adventure of the Topless Club Gourmand

Once upon a time a young woman was writing an article about sexually oriented businesses in Fayetteville for the Ozark Gazette, and didn’t want to go by herself to interview the dancers.

I see you. And in my contempt and rage, I see only you . . .

Years ago, when I was a regular listener of talk radio, there was a regular cadre of callers who would scan each morning’s paper and fixate upon any crimes that seemed, in their estimation, to be committed by minorities or illegal immigrants.

Tom Cotton, from Senator to Minion?

There was once a United States senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton by name, and like Cassius, he had a lean and hungry look about him.

Netflix’s Lost in Space: Oh, just kill off Doctor Smith in the first ten minutes!

I am delighted beyond words that the titular character on “Doctor Who” is now a woman, and thought that the female version of Starbuck on “Battlestar Galactica”was a vast improvement on the original.

“Obviously a member of Black Lives Matter” - the battle cry of racists across America

On our way back to the New York City of the Ozarks we stopped at a chain motel in Mississippi - our hotel of choice on the road - only to discover that the usual high standards were not maintained at this particular site.

Yes, you’re very beautiful . . . which is why we can never be Facebook “friends” - and wondering about the guys who DO accept such requests

Vacation winding down, and it was in my mind to write about the enlightening Christmas dinner Tracy and I had with two young members of the US military, but hey, I took an entertaining spill yesterday, and my head is in no shape to concentrate on serious subjects today.