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Arkansas Supreme Court

Arkansas Supreme Court reverses $18 million award to lawyers in highway case

In a major decision, the Arkansas Supreme Court today reversed a circuit court judge's $18.1 million award in attorneys' fees to the Conway law firm of Denton & Zachary for successfully challenging the Arkansas Department of Transportation's use of tax money.
IT Arkansas job board

Thinking big with a new downtown park

Visions for a park that could define Little Rock.

The Interstate 30 project: Much done, much to come

You have been warned.

Texas fights back against ever-widening freeways

Texans rebel against freeway building madness. Arkansas? Same old same old.

UPDATE: No surprise in judge's rejection of challenge to environmental study for the big concrete ditch downtown. The price tag is more than the billions that will be spent.

Of course the judge ruled in favor of the big ditch. It's half-built already, environmental impact be damned.

And speaking of the 30 Crossing ditch: Design competition announced

A design competition for 20 acres cleared of an I-30 freeway exit. Our suggestion: Leave the state highway department out of it.

Highway Commission continues its damage to downtown Little Rock

Freeway builders latest assault on downtown Little Rock will thunder traffic over dog playground in MacArthur Park.

Legal fees -- on both sides -- mount on freeway project that shouldn't have been built

Legal fees mount on both sides in the highway department's I-30 boondoggle in Little Rock.

Another court setback for state highway agency on I-30 expansion spending

The state will have to find a new money shuffle to pay for the I-30 expansion through Little Rock after a court ruling this week.

'The dismal history of big infrastructure'

Major infrastructure projects have been plagued by delays and cost overruns, the New York Times says. Duh, say victims of the big concrete ditch through Little Rock.

Road rage: Little Rock freeway edition

The Little Rock freeway situation is bad and it is creating a permanent new problem.

30 Crossing: The big concrete ditch work continues

The highway department sensitive? See for yourself.