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A decade of tax cuts for the rich (and pretty much nothing for you or me)

No, Arkansas hasn't already taken care of low earners by providing them with their fair share of tax relief. And no, the tax cuts for rich people that Arkansas passed over the last decade won't juice the economy. Here are the facts.
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A hard lesson for Arkansas to LEARN

Gov. Sarah Sanders banks her political future on a massive school privatization bill. Arkansas students will pay the price.

Arkansas House speeds up for its final lap

The goal is to be finished and out the door on April 7. Otherwise, lawmakers will have to vote to officially extend their session.

The lawmakers attacking trans kids should spend some time with them and get back to us

A true conservative wants life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. A true conservative knows that once the gang starts taking those things away from anyone, everyone is at risk.

Arkansas lawmakers vote up bill policing trans students' preferred pronouns

A 'don't say they' bill to police the names and pronouns students can use in school passed the Arkansas House yesterday. Seriously.

The rest of the country continues to be floored by how wretched Arkansas is now

The evergreen question is: What insane thing did our state government do today that people outside the Natural State aren't going to be able to wrap their heads around?

Financial institutions get 'woke,' Arkansas legislators get revenge, taxpayers get robbed

Who loses in the anti-woke payback plot? Public retirees, taxpayers and maybe the Republican Party.

Tow truck convoy drives home opposition to a bill that would cut into haulers' profits

Trucks momentarily clogged the streets this morning to protest House Bill 1563. The measure would likely chop into their profits by prohibiting these companies from holding on to any cargo they've hauled as leverage to collect what's owed.  

The return of work requirements: a bad idea that won't work

Instead of helping people get to work and get better paying jobs, work requirements expand bureaucracy, create systems of pointless paperwork for agency staff and program participants to navigate, and ultimately hurt the most vulnerable by unjustly kicking them off the very programs that would help get them back on their feet.

A bid to raise school support staff pay stalls out

Pay raises for nonteaching staff will be included in a forthcoming omnibus education package, Sen. Breanne Davis of Russellville said before tabling this bill that aimed to boost pay from $11 an hour to $15.
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Let's bring partisanship into school board races, two Arkansas Republicans propose with new bill

Partisan school board races are not about protecting our kids or unifying our districts. It’s literally the opposite: the move is meant to insulate Republican power and divide our communities — neither of which are good reasons to pass this bill.

Legislative Black Caucus nonplussed by white senator's attempt to end affirmative action

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Jonesboro) was defiant in response to lawmakers’ personal stories about how affirmative-action programs had made a difference in their lives. Sullivan asked the Black Caucus why, if ending discrimination was so important to them, they had not already filed a similar bill.