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Another 1,300 flu cases in this week's report, with an additional 22 flu-related deaths

For this, the fiftieth week of 2022, ADH reported a cumulative 17,200 positive influenza tests, up from a cumulative 15,900 as of Dec. 10. So far this flu season there have been 86 influenza-related deaths, including one pediatric death. Of these, 77% were not vaccinated. That's up from a cumulative 64 flu-related deaths as of last week's report, and approaching three times the total number of flu-related deaths in 2021, which totaled 30.
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Arkansas will pilot new food insecurity methods in 2023 per recommendations

The food insecurity rate in Arkansas exceeds the national average, and experts from the Governor's Food Desert Working Group presented findings and recommendations to combat the problem on Friday.

Arkansas weekly flu cases trend downward but deaths surge, ACHI chimes in

The Arkansas Department of Health reported 19 flu deaths in the week ending on Dec. 10, which brought the total fatalities to 64.

More Arkansas school districts soar into the red zone of COVID infection rates

No matter how you measure it, COVID is getting worse in Arkansas.

ACHI website crashes after city COVID-19 data is announced

Director Thompson announced the data today.

The governor won't insist, but ACHI tells employers: Please require masks

The health policy board of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement issued the statement.

Arkansas’s health insurance rates remain low, compared to neighbors

Because Arkansas’s per capita income is lower than most states, it has a fairly high percentage of people who would qualify for generous income-based subsidies. In several counties, the average annual subsidy received by consumers was over $5,000 — high enough to defray most of the cost of a monthly premium. But, Wilson said, many Arkansans still aren’t taking that deal.