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Vaccinations: Help may be coming with more vaccine for more people in more places

With a push from the incoming Biden administration, the Trump administration is moving today to speed vaccine distribution.
IT Arkansas job board

Justice Department to appeal Medicaid work rule decision

The U.S. Justice Department filed notice today that it would appeal the decision preventing Arkansas (and potentially many other states) from imposing a work rule to qualify for expanded Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky blocked by federal court

"Arkansas might use the time while the program is paused to consider whether and how to better educate persons about the requirements and how to satisfy them," Boasberg wrote

Arkansas's Medicaid work rule on the grill in Congress today

The Arkansas Medicaid work rule — an unvarnished success in pushing thousands off Medicaid coverage — will be the subject of a court hearing Thursday in Washington, but the Trump administration got roughed up on its plans to expand the experiment in a congressional hearing today.

Trump administration defends Arkansas's Medicaid work requirements

On Friday, the Trump administration filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit attempting to stop Arkansas's first-of-its-kind Medicaid work requirement. But comments made earlier this week by the top federal Medicaid official may indicate coming

Push pause on Arkansas's Medicaid work requirement, federal oversight panel says

Among those beneficiaries who are required to report, "91.6 percent ... failed to do so in September 2018," the letter said. That sends "a strong warning signal that the current process may not be structured in a way that provides individuals an opportunity to succeed, with high stakes for beneficiaries who fail."

Six plaintiffs added to lawsuit challenging Arkansas's Medicaid work requirement

The complaint says one plaintiff lost his job last month due to increased illness as a result of losing his insurance. He lost his insurance because he didn't report his work hours under the state's new rule.

The swamp also rises: Drug lobbyist to oversee federal health agency

Ernest Dumas provides some useful background this week on Donald Trump's appointment of a major drug lobbyist as secretary of Health and Human Services. Dumas does not expect, given the record, better deals out of drug companies for Medicare and Medicaid.