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Questions arise over hiring process, qualifications of new deaf school superintendent

Sixty percent of the board only interviewed Walsh, whose resume pales in comparison to other candidates', then voted to hire her two weeks later.
IT Arkansas job board

The Stupidest Scandal: How a $19K lectern stole the show

Gov. Sarah Sanders has no one but herself to blame for lecterngate, the audit, and her office's documented disregard for the law.

Governor's office mum after new poll shows wholesale drop in Sanders' popularity

Morning Consult, a pollster Sanders' spokesperson has touted repeatedly, shows a downward trend regardless of party affiliation.

The queen’s gambit: Gov. Sanders and Co. play political games with overcrowded prisons

The governor's plan to add more people to existing prisons, regardless of capacity or prison staffing, has her at loggerheads with the state Board of Corrections.

Sanders won't spill who paid for her Super Bowl trip, TPM reports

After Sanders shared social media posts about her family's high-dollar Super Bowl trip, TPM set out to calculate how much it cost and who foot the bill. As if!

Parole board chairman who had sex with minor resigns one week after appointment

Jamol Jones is out as chairman of the Post Prison Transfer Board.

Sanders comms machine invokes God and the military to deflect from appointee’s teen sex scandal

Having sex with a teenager while working in law enforcement is not disqualifying for a position on Arkansas boards overseeing parole and prisons, according to statements from the governor's office and appointee Jamol Jones.

Chicken company closure results in dead birds, fight over responsibility

What do you do with a million dead chickens? Seriously, we're asking.

The Waltons, the first gentleman and the future of the Buffalo River

On Oct. 26, more than 1,000 people turned out for a community meeting at the school cafeteria in Jasper, an Ozarks town and home to about 500 residents. Almost 2,000 more watched the meeting online. But the big names of the night were absent: two grandsons of Walmart founder Sam Walton and the Arkansas governor’s husband, Bryan Sanders.

Sarah Sanders, who denied clemency to an innocent man, to pardon a turkey today

A silly holiday photo op has a small amount of political value for Sanders, while allowing a sliver of grace and humanity to a man who the justice system failed decades ago does not.

Madison County Record looks at impact of New River Gorge status change in West Virginia

The Madison County Record reports mixed results from the status change of New River Gorge in West Virginia. A similar change has been proposed for the Buffalo National River, but locals haven't warmed up to the idea.

Weekly newspaper shares its stellar reporting on Buffalo National River's future for free

The weekly Madison County Record is sharing its stories on the future of the Buffalo National River at no charge to the public. The latest article includes comments from locals, a gubernatorial spokeswoman and a congressman, among others.