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Medical marijuana group submits revised amendment to AG

Attorney General Tim Griffin rejected the group's first submission last month.
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Amendment to expand medical marijuana program filed with AG

The amendment would extend patient cards to three years, eliminate fees on patient cards and allow patients to grow up to seven plants. Marijuana advocates Melissa Fults and David Couch said today they support the measure.

Arkansas medical marijuana sales surpass $1 billion since 2019

Arkansas medical marijuana patients are spending about $772,000 a day at the state's dispensaries, according to Scott Hardin of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

State can't appeal marijuana ruling, at least not yet, lawyers say

Circuit Judge Chip Welch struck down 27 legislative changes to the state medical marijuana amendment last week. State Attorney General Tim Griffin quickly announced plans to appeal, but two lawyers say the ruling isn't yet appealable.

Judge strikes down 27 legislative amendments to medical marijuana law

The ruling has wide-ranging implications, including ditching a ban on pre-rolls, but don't expect changes until more legal wrangling plays out.

Bill would legalize possession, seal past convictions if state legalizes recreational marijuana

The bill would legalize possession of up two ounces and allows for some past convictions to be sealed if Arkansas legalizes recreational marijuana.

Three counties account for one-third of state's medical marijuana cardholders

Pulaski, Benton and Washington Counties accounted for 33% of the state's medical marijuana cards in the last fiscal year, according to the state Department of Health. Overall, cards were down last year and one industry leader said hassles with card renewals and the possibility of recreational marijuana impacted the numbers.

Marijuana for more: State could add more qualifying conditions but insiders say it's unlikely

After a bid to pass recreational marijuana failed at the polls in November, attention could turn to adding new qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, but insiders say the process is difficult and success is unlikely.

The straight dope on delta-8 THC in Arkansas

The intoxicating cousin to marijuana is widely available and free of regulation — for now.

A new kid on the lobbying block feeds legislators' heads

Light freebies for the legislature today, but there's a new player in the freebie field that probably won't be serving up the product it's marketing.

Arkansas cannabis trade groups announce merger

Two trade groups (aka lobbies) for the budding medical marijuana business in Arkansas have announced they've joined forces to build their strength.

Arkansas joint ventures

With dispensary and cultivation applications pending, hundreds of Arkansas entrepreneurs are sitting on go for a medical cannabis gold rush. How will it pan out?