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SLIDESHOW: 2023 Student Congress at the Arkansas Capitol, better than 2023 regular session at the Arkansas Capitol

Up-and-coming debaters and politicos took over the Arkansas Capitol Sunday through Tuesday for the 2023 Student Congress, and honestly we should think about swapping out the other guys and keeping the youngsters.
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Slideshow: 215 registered for the ballot by the end of Arkansas's opening filing day

We count 85 Republicans, 39 Democrats and one independent so far in races for various Arkansas House, Senate, federal and constitutional offices. The largest group of candidates are here for the nonpartisan judicial races, where 90 are signed up.

Federal judge considers letting Arkansas Supreme Court rule first on 10 Commandments monument case

A years-long lawsuit over the 10 Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol appears likely to go on for years longer.

Time to submit your design for a 'monument to the unborn' at the Arkansas Capitol

Here's a proposal. How about a giant inflatable fetus instead?

Eating among lawmakers at the 500 Grill in the Capitol

If you wanna know where all the cool Arkansas lawmakers adjourn for lunch to discuss the cruel legislation making its way through the General Assembly, look no further than 500 Grill, located on the lower level of the Capitol Building.

Arkansans fill the Capitol steps to let lawmakers know they won't go back on reproductive rights

Here's a slideshow of images from Tuesday's abortion rights rally on the Arkansas Capitol steps.

Man with gun arrested near the Arkansas Capitol after he allegedly shot at a car full of teenagers

Two 16-year-olds and a 14-year-old on their way to an early morning swim practice got shot at, but no one was hurt and one man has been arrested.

Arkansas shows up for reproductive rights

The Rally for Abortion Justice at the Arkansas Capitol drew quite a crowd.

Free tampons at the Capitol, courtesy of Bob?

A menstruation fairy left baskets of free tampons and pads at the Arkansas Capitol today in response to Sen. Bob Ballinger's odd attack on a bill to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales taxes.

The specter of more insurrections: No Guard presence planned at Arkansas Capitol as yet

In Little Rock, authorities are watchful.

As Confederate statues tumble, remember a time when black lives did NOT matter

When Black Lives Did Not Matter and why monuments to that era should go.

Satanic Temple deemed church by IRS

The Satanic Temple, among those challenging religious statuary on the state Capitol grounds, can now claim discrimination as a church denied a place for its Baphomet statue equivalent to that given the Christian Ten Commandments.